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So you have been grilling yourself up and probably thinking out at loud at times, “Am I a good mom?!” or “will I be able to raise a kid who gets through college without me losing my sanity over the next 18 years?!!” Sit back, inhale deeply, then exhale… You got this lady cos, if your little one sleeping right beside you winks back at you when you make those funny faces while changing soiled and smelly diapers, you are pretty much sorted matey! Chillax cos being the World’s Okayest Mom is sometimes even better than being the best mommy in town. Your search for quirky mugs with quotes for moms comes to an end with this cute, strikingly awesome “World’s Okayest Mom” coffee mug. The phrase comes written neatly in italics encircled within a mauve heart, pretty peonies and an olive twig placed tactfully on top of the quote to ward off overly-competitive, frazzled moms! #PeaceOutBro #It’sOkayToBeAnAverageJoe #ChillVibes

  • World’s Okayest Mom Mug
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Weight: 350 gm
  • Creative birthday gift for moms
  • Apt for sipping your cup of tea or coffee in
  • Also doubles up as a stationery holder
  • It’s completely okay to be average!
  • Everything’s gonna turn out just fine!
  • A reassuring gift for the first time mom who is losing her marbles over her apparently not so perfect parenting skills!

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300 ml

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