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Sebamed baby wash Extra soft is an ultra mild baby wash for daily cleaning of baby’s delicate skin. It is a sugar based mild cleanser with pH 5.5. Due to the absence of formaldehyde, it is tear free and keeps the baby’s delicate eyes safe. It is clinically proven that at pH 5.5, the lipid and moisture loss is minimum and bacteria growth is restricted, keeping the skin’s protective barrier intact. Sebamed baby wash is strengthened with lipids similar to vernix to protect and hydrate baby’s soft and delicate skin. Vernix is a coating on newborn babies which plays an important and protective  role during foetal development and for a few hours after birth. It provides vital protection against irritation, keeping the baby’s skin soft, hydrated and healthy.

Price: Sebamed Baby wash 400 ml is available on Amazon for Rs. 713/-

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1. Makeup and beauty The smell of the wash is very mild and floral, perfect for babies. Baby products should have mild scent not strong and artificial. The baby wash has a gel like transparent runny consistency. I apply this baby wash only on my baby’s body and face. I first bought the 50 ml bottle to use it as a face wash but after trying I went ahead and bought the bigger bottle as I liked how this wash performed and started using it on her body as well.

2. :The body wash is very nourishing for the baby’s delicate skin. I use it for my baby to keep her skin very soft and have no complaints till now. It is tear free but is of strong fragrance. There are no Parabens, any artificial colors and so very safe to use for babies.

3. Dhven Dip :  I am using this product for my baby for more than a year. It is mildly fragrant, and has a gel like texture with runny consistency. This is my favourite product in Sebamed. Very less quantity is enough.

Our Verdict: 

Sebamed baby wash extra soft is an ultra mild and gentle wash for newborns keeping their skin moisture intact It protects the baby as protection is provided in the mother’s womb.


  •       Soap and alkali free
  •       Suitable for infants
  •       Travel friendly packaging
  •       Less quantity is enough
  •       pH 5.5


  •        Quite Expensive
  •       Does not create much lather

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