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Sebamed, a trusted name in babycare, has introduced Sebamed baby lotion. Sebamed baby lotion is a very gentle and mild lotion with pH 5.5 giving the best protection from the first day. It moisturizes the baby’s skin supporting the skin hydro balance. It has a very pleasant botanical smell making the baby comfortable. The emollient complex consists of 7% lipid compound oil-in-water emulsion which is rapidly absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasy residue. The Chamomile and allantoin extracts soothe the skin making it soft and supple. Lecithin and Sorbitol ensure long-lasting hydration. Sebamed baby lotion provides moisturizes gently removing dryness from the skin.

Price:  Sebamed Baby Lotion 400 ml is available on Amazon for Rs. 1049/-

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1. Makeup and The Sebamed baby lotion comes in a white color opaque plastic bottle with a light blue pump. The good thing is the pump can be locked by twisting so it makes the 400 mL bottle spill proof and travel friendly. It has a very very subtle fragrance which is good as strong fragrances can irritate a baby. You can smell a gentle fragrance if you sniff the product. The moment you apply it to the baby’s skin it fades away in a couple of minutes.

2. A very good product for kids with dry/sensitive skin. I started using this product from the first day since my daughter was born. It is perfect for newborn babies and It works far better than other lotions that I have tried. Sebamed gets absorbed very well into the skin and of course, like all other products in the Sebamed line, it is pH balanced which is great for overall skin health and integrity. I am very happy with this product and would love to recommend it to all the mothers over here who are still thinking about which brand would be good for your babies.

3. Mommy Talkies on Youtube: It can be used from newborn to all age groups. It is paraben-free making it safe for baby’s skin. The chamomile extract is very good for the baby’s skin. It can be applied to injuries on kids. It can be used daily after bath.

Our Verdict: 

Sebamed Baby Lotion is a gentle and mild formula, suitable for newborn babies, with pH 5.5 giving the baby hydrated and moisturized skin. The chamomile and allantoin soothe the baby’s skin giving a soft and supple skin.


  •       pH 5.5
  •       Non-greasy
  •       Goodness of Chamomile extracts
  •       Suitable for infants and for all skin types
  •       Contains natural  lipids


  •       Expensive
  •       Mild for winters.


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