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Pampers, a very well-known brand in diapers, has introduced Pampers Premium Care Pants. These pants are the softest ever pants by Pampers with 360 degrees cottony softness. These pants consist of a soft-touch inner layer for ultimate softness. It is made up of breathable material with 10 million micropores for ultimate breathability. Because of the softness and absorption power, your baby gets uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. It comes with a wetness indicator showing when the diaper is full and needs a change. The stretchy design of these diapers gives the baby a snug and comfortable fit. It contains lotion with Aloe vera protecting the baby from diaper rashes. It also comes with tape for easier disposal. These are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic diaper pants providing dryness up to 12 hrs and giving comfort to the baby.

Price:   Pampers Premium Care Pants Large Size 44 Count is available on Amazon for Rs. 896/-

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. The design of Pampers Premium Care Pant is very airy and comfortable, as we stated in the beginning. This is because of the high-quality paper used for manufacturing. This diaper is so airy and comfortable that the baby shows no sign of discomfort even after wearing it for hours. Additionally, it causes no harm to the baby’s skin, as well.

2. I put my 2 yr old boy into these pampers at around 7 pm and got him out of it at 7 am the next day. I literally brought a tissue over and dabbed over the diaper. It was dry, not fluffy, not bloaty, not even smelly. I was a happy mother having woken up with my good 8 hours of sleep.

3. Just like the brand claims, the new Pampers Premium Care Pants are really the softest Pampers ever. Be it the inside or the outside, the belt or the leg cuff area. The entire diaper is the softest diaper you might have ever touched. Moreover, the belt which is in contact with the baby for the longest time has a comfortable S-shape. This provides for easy movement and is extremely soft and stretchable.

Our Verdict: 

Pampers Premium care pants are really premium as these diaper pants being extra soft and extra breathable gives premium comfort to the baby. It comes with aloe vera lotion protecting rashes and can absorb wetness up to 12 hrs.


  •       Ultimate softness
  •       Absorption up to 12 hrs
  •       Breathable design
  •       Wetness indicator signals
  •       Stretchy Waistband
  •       Tape for disposal
  •       Aloe vera lotion to avoid rashes.


  •        Use of Diapers extensively and inappropriately may lead to diaper rashes
  •        Comparatively Expensive
  •        Diapers are not eco-friendly


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