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Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is drawn out from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. It’s unrefined, unbleached, and cold-pressed. For cooking and dietary VCO is one of the healthiest vegetable oil with numerous health benefits. It also can be consumed directly as a dietary supplement or mixed with food in its raw form. VCO is abundant in medium-chain fatty acids and antioxidants that help in the improvement of metabolism and immunity. For hair, VCO contains Vitamin-E which is an important nutrient for healthy skin and hair. It helps nourish and strengthen the hair. The anti-fungal properties of VCO help fight dandruff and boost the health of the scalp. VCO is often liberally applied on the hair and let to remain for 1-2 hours or overnight before showering. For skin, VCO acts as a natural moisturizer and is useful for dry or rough skin. It is used to moisturize the skin will keep the skin looking soft and supple. VCO is full of antioxidants, alongside the medium-chain fatty acids that really help build cells. This slows down the event of wrinkles and promotes younger-looking skin. For baby care who’s anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties make it a superb oil for baby massage. It also can be used as a nappy rash cream and prevents any irritation from rashes. VCO also can be used as a natural treatment for dermatitis. The oil must be massaged into the baby’s scalp and left for 20 minutes. The VCO will act as a moisturizer and can loosen the dermatitis flakes while nourishing the scalp. 

Price – Max Care Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 500 ml is available on Amazon for  Rs. 355/-

Reviews by top bloggers

Rayesa– It is helpful in treating hair fall and dandruff and gives wondrous results. Apart from this, it can be used as a dietary oil and oil pulling. It repairs crack heels as well. This is a mild oil and does not cause any harm if used on the skin. I’ve been using this oil for two years now, I really like its quality.

Anamika Sharma– It is cooking, skin, and dietary oil. I’m quite impressed with its quality and it is 100% vegetative oil. It is a healthy remedy for premature aging and wrinkles. It prevents dryness and keeps them healthy. I would recommend this oil because it is natural and can be used multi-purposely.

Afiya– It really helped me out in treating my hair fall naturally. It comes with a nice scent and smells so natural. It can be used for cooking, and raw as well. It works as a make remover and serum also. It personally worked wonders for me and I use it frequently. I have been using this natural coconut oil for my baby massage and also as diaper rash cream and it has worked wonders for me. Very effective and very convenient to use and absolutely affordable. Very happy with it and recommend to all mothers to try this instead of other chemical alternatives. It is a good cooking oil making healthy recipes. It has no side effects and is very beneficial for skin and hair. It comes in a glass container. Its a pure oil as it has not passed from many procedures

  • The fragrance is mild and sweet
  • It is the most versatile product that is beneficial for hair, skin, cooking as well as for baby’s hair and skin
  • You can also use this virgin coconut oil in your keto diet
  • This oil can also be used for oil pulling
  • The oil makes the hair and skin smooth and staple

Our verdict

Virgin coconut oil is a natural product and it can be used for cooking, dietary, and hair oil. It is made from the freshness of coconut milk and does not possess the fragrance that is usually present in other coconut oils. It is light weighted, delicate, and consistently thin. It fights with dandruff and makes the hair stronger when used as hair oil. Also, it improves metabolism and immunity when utilized for cooking. It leaves the skin glowing and healthy-looking. Moreover, Mahavir Coconut Industries has more than 35 years of experience and prepares some really good, and sterile products. Although, the mentioned advantages are general in nature and might vary from person to person.


The maxcare virgin coconut oil is prepared from the goodness of coconut oil and is 100 percent natural. It can be used multi-purposely. It is prepared from the cold-pressed method which helps in retaining the natural goodness of the ingredients used. It is a natural treatment of rashes, dandruff, hair damage. Other than this, it helps in improving immunity and metabolism and is a good source of vitality as well. It comes with a mild scent and taste. 


  • Prevents hair-fall
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Makes the hair stronger
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Gives Steady results


  • Not as pure as it claims to be
  • It does not suit all skin types
  • A little pricey 

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