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Himalaya Herbals baby care shampoo is formulated for your love one’s little precious looks. This gentle baby shampoo is enriched with natural sources of protein that leave your baby’s hair soft and nourished.

Babies have delicate skin and require special care. Unfortunately, choosing the right baby care products can pose a challenge. Himalaya baby care shampoo is a natural shampoo that gives your child smooth and shiny hair. This plant-based shampoo contains no harsh chemicals and is infused with natural ingredients like chickpea, hibiscus and khus-khus. Each one of these ingredients has properties that make the shampoo wonderfully effective. First, chickpea leaves behind stronger and shinier hair than before, while khus-khus soothes your baby’s dry scalp to eliminate the chances of dandruff and other scalp problems. The shampoo also disinfects and cleanses your baby’s hair strands effectively to eliminate dirt, dust and dandruff on a daily basis. It comes in a handy bottle with an ergonomic design that ensures easy grip and control. The lid shuts tightly to protect the natural contents from spilling out when travelling. The combination of strong yet pleasant fragrance helps eliminate the bad odour, keeping your child fresh throughout the day. 


Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo (200 ml)Rs. 133.00

Reviews of top 3 bloggers

Beauty and lifestyle mantraThis is very mild shampoo and my boy’s hair is very thin so I don’t find any difficulties to wash off with normal water. After using this it gives a clean scalp and makes hair a bit smooth and shiny.

Business Insider The Himalaya Baby shampoo is mild and comes with a ‘no-tears’ formula that cleanses and nourishes your baby’s scalp. The shampoo is parabens free and does not contain synthetic colours. The Himalaya Baby Shampoo is rich in proteins to ensure your baby has strong and healthy hair.

Richa This is a good shampoo for people with dry hair and itchy scalp. I did find reduction in itchiness and mild dandruff too on applying this. my hair was perfectly soft and smooth to touch without using a conditioner!

Our verdict

Himalaya baby shampoos are mild and leave no residue behind. It is free of harsh chemicals that may damage the scalp, leaving it nourished and healthy. The shampoo contains ingredients such as chickpea, hibiscus, khus-khus, among others that work to strengthen and smooth hair.


Himalaya baby shampoo is created to be gentle on your baby’s head. Its jelly texture makes it easy to apply, while its mild fragrance keeps your baby smelling fresh and new. The pH-balanced ingredients in the shampoo prevent it from building up any kind of residue, which secures a refreshing feeling after every wash.


  •       Mild and gentle
  •       Restores a lustre and natural shine
  •       Prevent any scalp infection
  •       Makes hair soft and pillow-tangled.


  •       Doesn’t work for extremely dry hair
  •       A good amount of shampoo is required to make the foam


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