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Himalaya Baby Powder is a paraben free, phthalate free safe formula to keep baby fresh, cool and happy. It is free from synthetic colours keeping the baby fresh and free of unpleasant body odour. It is enriched with the herbal goodness of khus khus, yashada bhasma, olive oil and almond oil. Khus khus helps in managing excessive sweating keeping the baby cool and fresh. Yashada bhasma has antimicrobial properties. Olive oil prevents chafing and almond oil softens the skin. This gentle powder prevents excessive sweating, feeling baby fresh and comfortable for the day.

Price:  Himalaya Baby Powder 400 g  is available on Amazon for Rs.158/-

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. Momjunction.com : I love this smell while I use to my baby and my baby love this powder and it’s very safe to handle and I took this in my bag while travelling and it keeps so fresh and it will stay long for a day. Usually I’m using himalaya products to my baby.

2. All about life : This powder contains khus khus and yashada bhasma and very natural making it safe for baby’s skin. It has a shelf life of 3 yrs. Texture is very smooth causing no harm to baby’s skin.

3. Makeup and beauty treasure.com:  Overall, I am happy with Himalaya Baby Powder. It keeps my baby’s skin fresh and dry all day! It does not cause rashes and is very easy to apply! I would suggest you to use it after 3 months of your baby’s birth!

Our Verdict: 

A very gentle, herbal and mild powder enriched with herbal extracts of khus khus keeping the baby fresh all day long. A soft product to be used after bath, at the time of diaper change and before bedtime.


  •       Enriched with khus khus
  •       Paraben, phthalates and synthetic colors free
  •       Clinically tested
  •       Hypoallergenic
  •       Prevents body odour


  •         Quite Expensive
  •        Not a diaper rash powder


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Himalaya Baby Powder-Person
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