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Dove is well known for its gentle products. So, they have introduced a very gentle shampoo solving a very common problem. Dove Hair fall Rescue Shampoo is especially designed to reduce hair fall . This shampoo enriched with Nutrilock serum prevents daily damage and reduces hair fall up to 98%. It nourishes damaged hair from root to tip leaving strong, beautiful and thick hair. Perfect for regular use for daily care of your hair keeping it healthy. The special formula fortifies strands minimize hair breakages giving both instant and long term results.

Price:  Its available on Amazon for Rs. 483/- (650ml)

Top Bloggers Reviews

1.Makeup and Dove hair fall Therapy shampoo is the latest innovative product by Dove, it’s a shampoo which just doesn’t help prevent hair fall but also helps in making it soft and smooth. I have been suffering from these hair fall problem since ages and I have tried plenty of products to curb the hair fall but most of them did so temporarily and sooner or later it again starts falling. I have been using this shampoo for a about a week now. Honestly I couldn’t be happier it actually works my crazy hair fall has definitely decreased as I don’t see my hair on the ground as much as I used to. It’s a gentle shampoo works into a generous lather and cleans hair thoroughly has a gentle smell to it I am super happy with it Definitely going to buy it and highly recommended

3.Beautybybhavya : One of the haircare products and especially formulated for better hair fall control. Perfect as  a daily hair fall treatment. Combined with the care of Dove, this shampoo can protect hair against daily damage instances like brushing, combining and tangling.

4. D’s Gist: I picked this product randomly and was quite impressed with the results. Dove is well-known for its product range that uses moderate ingredients. Also, the combination of ingredients used is also mild that does not irritate your scalp. It helps in rescuing the hair fall caused due to extra chemicals, or pollution.

5. Hairstyles with me :I have used several brands before dove but I find this to be the most effective. I like all the products from its range. It deeply nourishes the hair and gives them extra shine.

6. Radha : I’ve been using this product for a long time now. The product is affordable and easily available. It is not much effective for hair fall but makes the hair smooth, shiny, and soft after use. Also, my scalp does not feel dry anymore after the usage.

Our Verdict

An anti hair fall shampoo , nourishing from root to tip, suitable for all hairs and for daily usage too. It is perfect for strengthening thinner and weaker hair to see thicker hair and visible results.  Best results with conditioner.



  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Controls hairfall
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Very mild and gentle
  • Not tested on animals


  • Prevents loss for breakage only, not a remedy for baldness.
  • A little expensive

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