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Baby Dove Bathing Bar has a hypoallergenic formula that is gentler and more moisturizing than any baby soap bar. This dermatologist and pediatrician tested baby bar is enriched with ¼ nourishing cream, which gives your baby skin softness and gentleness. Its gentle pH-neutral formula leaves your baby’s skin soft, silky and smooth. The rich lather of the Dove Baby Bar leaves skin feeling clean without drying it out, leaving it protected against the harsh effects of daily exposure to dirt, germs and soap. The fragrance is developed for providing mildness on extra-sensitive skin. It is thereby very much suitable for your baby from birth onwards; and is also practical and economic to use.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Soap 75g (pack of 3) – Rs. 156.00

Reviews of top 3 bloggers

Makeup Review & Beauty BlogI normally don’t use any given product on my baby’s delicate skin, but when it was from the very trusted brand DOVE, I was damn sure about the quality. This brand has always lived up to my all expectation and all that it claims. This ‘Rich Moisture baby bathing bar’ comes in same standard packaging like the Dove soap. The soap shape is oval and is milky white in color with 2 doves engraved on the bar. It lathers really well and cleanses my baby’s skin well. It takes off all dirt, impurities and oil very gently and gets washed off quite easily leaving no residue.

Momspresso – I used the Baby Dove soap on myself too. It looks like a standard Dove soap bar but is slightly smaller in size. It has a baby dove and a mama dove embossed on it. So cute and well thought of :). It forms a rich lather. Also helps in removing oil that’s pre-massaged on the baby without drying out the skin.

Maa of all blogs–  I got these products on the day of the launch ie 4th October and have been using it for my younger kid for over a month now. The soap foams and lathers well and there is a mild fragrance, which you will automatically like. Like the Dove women’s soap, this one also cleanses well without drying. In fact, the skin feels well moisturised. After bath, we use the Baby Dove Lotion and are very happy with the results.

Our Verdict

The Dove Baby Bar combines baby care with a rich lather that cleanses skin gently and effectively. The baby bar is free from harsh ingredients like soap and alkalis, making it kinder to your sensitive skin. Packed with ¼ nourishing cream and also suitable for dry skin, the moisturizing formula leaves your baby soft, silky and smooth.


  •     Gentle to Skin
  •     Mildness on Extra-sensitive skin
  •     mild fragrance
  •     hypoallergenic
  •     Free from harsh chemicals


  •     Might not work on excessive dry skin
  •     Doesn’t form too much lather many a times

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Dove Baby Soap-Person
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