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Presenting the perfect birthday gift for li’l munchkins whose name begins with a “C”, the C is for Committed Milk Mug! A quirky gift indeed, the idea behind it is equally innovative and exciting. Each alphabet milk mug comes with a unique card exemplifying the importance of the kiddos name initial by equating it with a word that imbues a quality the child will slowly but surely start identifying with! We suggest that you grab one of these beauties for your kiddo or for a kiddo in the family you know and love. Cheers to fun learning and better world citizens of tomorrow!

This mug comes with a beautiful card that says:

My name begins with a C, so does the word committed,

Just like I build my brick towers, brick by brick,

I am committed to being the best at whatever I do,

Today and each day henceforth, I make a promise to myself,

To keep building the tower of my dream goals,

And even if a brick falls or even if the tower falls,

I pledge to begin again…

That is what staying committed means, and that’s what I am gonna be!

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