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Need for Sustainable Products in the Nursery

Just like the home, a nursery is also a place where the babies should be comfortable and at the same time, they should feel safe too. In that case, there are a few things that have to be noted, for the baby to be at its level of comfort. Comfort does not need to harm our mother nature or be colourful and fancy; You can also have an eco-friendly sustainable nursery that will be safe for the kids and for the environment too.

For your little one to enjoy, explore, and at the same time be safe, here is the list of things that will make the kid’s time run in a smoother manner:

1. Crib:

When the baby is born, it is natural for the parents to be scared of even the littlest things that happen to the baby. And at night, it is so hard to check the baby when it’s placed in the other room or near you. In that case, having a baby crib would be perfect for you and the baby to have a peaceful sleep. A crib is nothing but a cage where the baby will be safe. While purchasing a crib for your baby, make sure to check the finish, quality, and material used in the product. It is necessary to check the finish so that there are no sharp edges that would tend to hurt your baby. Investing in a good quality crib will make you and your baby feel and be safe too. Since it’s natural for babies to lick and check the things around them, looking for good material is very important. Always opt for an eco-friendly, maybe wooden or bamboo crib.

2. Safe Mattress:

Mattress plays an important role in keeping the baby comfortable and safe. Since the little ones spend maximum time in the bed or mattress, it is important to choose good quality material. Choose a good quality mattress, which is soft and flexible too. This will help in making the baby calm and composed when they round down or rotate all around the mattress. Always choose a cotton kind of bed cover, so that the material is soft and friendly to the skin. If you get a mattress that is safe for the environment, then it will be safe for the baby’s skin too.

3. Toys:

Toys play a major role in the kid’s routine. It is completely normal for the kids to take everything for a month. It also helps in making them feel the material of the toys. Opt for wooden toys, bamboo toys, soft toys, etc. Using plastic may have options, but they are harmful to the baby if they lick or start chewing them. You can also explore and check out the handmade toys which will be soft and not hurtful too. Since toys will be part of the kid’s routine, always invest in good-quality toys that are made sustainably, and are friendly to baby and mother nature too.

4. Diapers:

Once they are born, we tend to use diapers for the way. Even if we are not using it in the daytime, we tend to use it at night for undisturbed sleep. In that case, instead of going for unrecyclable diapers, go for cloth or recyclable kinds of diapers. This will be safer for almost all the kids since they are not prone to rashes or marks on the skin. There are many brands that offer cotton diapers that are totally safe for the environment too. 

They have subsections or added materials to absorb the discharges and stay for a prolonged period of time. If you are already using this type of diaper, make sure to sun dry them for safety purposes. Whatever kind of diapers you are using, make sure to change them once in 6 – 8 hours.

5. Baby Carriers:

As we all have started working, baby carriers are being a part of both working and in-house moms. There are carriers that are made of plastic is extremely harmful to nature. It also affects the baby’s skin when it is used continuously. When choosing a baby carrier, get one based on your kids’ age/month and not bigger or smaller. If you don’t get in the right size, it will be not convenient for you and the baby. Look for better materials that are packed in a sustainable manner which will be perfect for mother nature.

6. Feeding Essentials:

While choosing the feeding materials, look for good quality and the best kind of plastic so that they do not harm the baby. When you choose a low-grade plastic and sterilise the toxic particles will also be present inside the bottle itself too. So invest in good sipper bottles; Always make sure to sterilise them at least once in two days. Have two to three sipper bottles so that you can change them when it’s been sterilised or in the air-drying process.

7. Clothing:

Clothes are a part of the baby from the day it’s born. Even though there are many different types of clothes available, look for cotton materials. Cotton is one of the super materials that will be both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Always make sure to check if the company is producing sustainable materials. Always look at the ingredients r material list so that you can trust and use it for the baby. Even if the products or materials seem to be slightly high in the budget, never mind and go for it thinking about the baby’s health and well-being.

8. Paintings and Colours:

While adding colours to your baby’s walls or furniture, make sure they are safe and non-toxic in nature. It is normal for babies to lick and bite whatever they get in their hands. So, make sure your furniture, and wall colours are completely safe. Add peaceful and good colour paint to your kid’s nursery so that they feel excited and happy every time they step in. Since it’s normal for babies to get attracted to darker and bright colours, get the painted with colours like red, blue, etc. This will make them get attracted and excited at the same time.

9. Wet Wipes:

Wet wipes are something that is very common among babies. Look for bio-degradable which is made of renewable plant fibres. Get your hand on the wipes that do not cause harm to mother nature and the baby. There are different kinds of wipes that will remain pure and do not cause any harm to the earth. You can look for the eco-friendly brands that are available, and choose one which will be safe for both the bay and the environment.

These are just the basics that you can adopt while bringing up your child. If you want your kid to live in a better environment, it is our duty and in our hands to teach them good, and at the same time implement ourselves. Since kids follow the footpath of their parents, you have to be a living example for your kid to create a person who values the importance of sustainability, feelings, respect, and everything else. As new moms, let’s take an oath to make a change in our lifestyle to opt for a sustainable, healthy life for ourselves and our kids.

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