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It is always fun and exciting to see little babies, irrespective of whatever they do. From the day they were born to many and many more years, the babies/kids get excited to see and experience every single thing they are seeing for the very first time.

If there is a newborn baby in your home too, this is the right place for you to come into, for acknowledging the different types of toys. Here is the list of toys that you can choose or show to your kids depending on months and years that will keep the baby excited; It is important to choose the right toys at the right month so that they will enjoy the experience with the toy.

1. 0 – 3 months old baby:

With the newborn baby, we don’t get to interact much because all they do is sleep and drink milk. The babies will be able to see the blurred vision but they do hear well. So, some sound-inducing rattles will work. And make sure that you have a conversation with the baby; This will make your bond with the baby soo close.

2. 3 – 6 months old baby:

Once they are in their third month, they tend to see and sometimes even follow your movements in things as days go on. In that case, you can introduce bright-coloured toys which can be orange, red, dark green, dark blue, etc. Also, you can show the sound-inducing rattles that are in dark colours. They also tend to reach for the toys; They do feel their texture too. So, you can look for toys like textured toys, soft toys, squeeze toys, etc. Make sure to show the dark colours, and you can also read out the colour louder. Even though we feel they are too small, they have a stronger tendency to hear and listen knowingly or unknowingly. You can also introduce sound-producing toys, which will even attract them for sure.

3. 7 – 12 months old baby:

This is one of the most beautiful yet also the hectic phases for all the mommies. They tend to roll, move, sit, and also some of the babies tend to even try to stand and walk. Even though all of them are exciting for the mommies, it is also the time to be super-active. A small tip for the moms could be, to get up quite earlier, meditate or do yoga to keep their minds and body aligned. It is completely normal to get stressed and irritated; It happens with every mom, so don’t feel bad. Calm yourself, and it’s time to enjoy the beautiful phase of your life.

This is also a phase where you can even enhance the skills of the baby by introducing a beautiful collection of toys which even helps them in acknowledging. 

You can also introduce colours, animal names, birds, and their own body parts. And even the names of your family members. They tend to look at our lip movements and try to replicate the words which we use. Some of the toys could be wooden cubes for them to build with, wooden vehicles and wheels to play with, and many more. More you can indulge in during their activity time are hand-eye coordination toys, movement or motor kind of toys, and also toys that will help in enhancing your vision and hearing.

4. 1-year-old baby:

One of the best days in every parent’s life, since it’s been 365 days since the little bundle of joy has come out of the world. They will tend to walk steadily by now. Never worry, if your baby has not walked it. There are also cases where the babies tend to walk even after one year. Every baby is different, so just enjoy the phase rather than going in advance or worrying about why he/she is not talking, walking, etc.

Since the babies are quite grown, they tend to be super-active and do this and that eagerly. It’s completely normal for parents to get scared since the kids could get hurt, but don’t restrict them. Instead of saying No, try to include words like “Do you feel safe?”, “ Would you like me to help?”, or something like that. The kids try to replicate our doings, so be careful while you are speaking or doing things. 

This is one of the important phases that will help in enhancing your overall skills. Here you can introduce books with illustrations, give them colours to experience, etc. There are different other toys which you can indulge in like motor skill games or toys, problem-solving toys, and introducing numbers and alphabets, slowly one by one. Try to include different varieties of games and toys; And check their interests! It is natural for kids to get attracted to things like painting. So, ignore the mess and try to make them experience their painting skills. You can also enjoy them with your own sheet of paper. 

5. 2-year-old baby:

A super-active stage where you will see the different dangerous things the kids will explore like jumping from heights, climbing faster, etc. Even though the kids have control over their hands and legs it is normal for them to sometimes lose them, which will hurt them naturally. So, repeat the positive and helping kind of words, instead of saying “No”. 

When it comes to toys, you can repeat the same thing like numbers, alphabets, colours, etc. You can look for wooden puzzle toys of different shapes and sizes, water play toys, and books with pictures of fruits, veggies, birds, animals, etc. This will help in enhancing their skills in an overall manner. You can introduce educational games and toys, which they will have fun with and at the same time, they tend to enjoy too.

By now, you could have realised what your kids like. So, enhance their skills in that way so that they become aware and get advanced knowledge. For example, if your kid is interested in painting, they will surely enjoy the painting time. In that case, you can show a simple kind of painting and ask them to replicate it.

All the kids would love to get encouragement and a positive approach from their parents for their doing. It is important that you tell them in a good manner if it is good or wrong. Don’t try to bribe them with their favourite chocolates or icecreams. Also, include them in your work like in the kitchen with small things.

6. 3-year-old baby:

The little champ has grown well. Now it’s time to concentrate on the baby’s overall health, knowledge, and everything. Try to include healthy fruits and vegetables. There are kids who do not like fruits and veggies. In that case, you can pick them up with you to the grocery and allow them to pick them up. Make them know the different health benefits of each and every food. 

A live example could be for example you have some sort of pain in your joints. In that case, you have to intake calcium-rich fruits and vegetables. This will make you get stronger as you age. Make them know the benefits instead of just plainly giving them.

Take them to different places like aquariums, libraries, and old aged people’s places so that they will get to know the world.

As they grow, you can include quite advanced kinds of toys and at the same time, allow them to choose and do things in their own way. This kind of attitude will make them self-independent. As a parent, we have to update and upgrade ourselves too to keep our kids entertained and engaged. Know that daddies also have equal responsibility in parenting. So, make them help you or reach out for help with your partner or family members, when things feel hard or burden you.

Happy Parenting to the Mommies and Daddies!

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