Most of you could have heard about the term Shark Tank all over in the friends and family group. If you are not aware, it is nothing but where the new/budding entrepreneurs give a proposal or idea about what they are doing, and the owners of established start-up businesses owners would decide whether to invest or not. If they like the proposal, they share the money and in exchange would get a percentage of the share or profits.

Many of them loved this Shark Tank India ideology and came up with their wonderful business ideas. Here are some of the women entrepreneurs who bagged the fund and are trying to rock in their business proposal:

  1. Auli Lifestyle:

Aishwarya Biswas, the founder of AULI (Affordable, Unique, Lush, and Indian) started this beauty-based business in June 2017. She quit her good, high-paying corporate job to start her dream business and be an entrepreneur. It is a Kolkata-based beauty brand which has authentic and nourishing beauty products. The brand promises to give products which are a combination of ayurveda and modern science. They have a wide range of skincare, haircare, body care, and wellness products. An affordable and luxurious kind of products that you can choose from, from Auli. In terms of skincare, you can build your entire routine with their face wash, moisturisers, gels, sunscreen, serums, face packs and scrubs, etc. 

Namita Thakur was the one who is helping Auli as a brand to grow higher than the previous years.

  1. CosIQ Intelligent Cosmetics:

Most of us would have known about this brand just because of the sunscreen. But it is quite a unique and best-delivering brand in terms of skincare. CosIQ (Cos – Cosmetic and IQ – Intelligent Quotient ) is an Indian brand launched in 2021 by Kanika Talwar and her husband Angad Talwar. Before launching the brand, the couple did some deep research and formulation of the products. The biggest thing they do to make it a hit is that they take a time frame of about 6 months to test, trial, and validate. You will be able to get clinically proven result products at an affordable price in the cosmetic industry.

Two successful entrepreneurs, Vinitha Singh – Founder of Sugar Cosmetics and Anupam Mittal – Founder of are the investors.

  1. Skippilce Pops:

Anuja Kabra and Ravi are the founders of Skippilce Pops. They found Chuskis is being out of trend and tried to render it India’s first ice pop brand. Nowadays it is completely hard to find and get healthy yet tasty ice popes. With the help of Skippilce, it is possible now! The company has launched ice pops in mainly six different flavours, namely orange, raspberry, mango twist, cola, lemon, and bubblegum.  From ice pop, they slowly introduced many different products like freezer bites and a lot more which are loved by everyone irrespective of age.

Peyush Bansal, Founder of Lenskart, went into this and gave funding of about Rs. 1.2 Crore as a total investment.

  1. Momo Mami:

Aditi Madan, a lover of momos, launched Mamo Mami for their fellow momos lovers to grab and have whenever possible. One of the food brands impressed shark tanks and received a lot more funds from the investors. Frozen foods especially momos and spring rolls are much wanted and are healthy yet nutritious and are available in good quality too.

It was approved and helped by three entrepreneurs namely Vinitha Singh – Founder of Sugar Cosmetics, Ashneer Grover, and Aman Gupta, Founder of BOAT lifestyle.

  1. Carragreen:

This was founded by two people Surabhi Shah and Chetan Shah. Considering our mother nature, they tend to introduce eco-friendly products which will be saved for our earth and us at the same time. The main role of Carragreen was to introduce biodegradable and compostable products which can be given at affordable rates for people to buy at all classes.

Surabhi Shah, an engineer by profession takes care of marketing, finance, and manufacturing of the products; Whereas Chetan Shan who loves Arts and crafts, takes care of product development and customer studies.

Two sharks, Anupam Mittal – CEO of and Peyunsh Bensal – CEO of Lenskart closed and helped the mom & daughter-in-law combo to evolve for a better world.

  1. The Quirky Naari

Malvica Saxena, the founder of Quirky Naari is a superwoman who customises and works on themed clothing for the brides or people to have a personal touch and a sort of comfort. The website offers a wonderful collection of light-me-up sneakers covered with beautiful lights, sliders based on the customisation of the person according to the outfit, oxfords, and a lot more. Just have a look at the website, and you will be stunned by the beautiful collections available there! You can get your own quirky and fashionable kind of footwear.

Anupam Mittal – CEO of and Vinitha Singh – Founder of Sugar Cosmetics were the sharks who are supporting the sustainable fashion industry.

  1. Heart Up My Sleeves

One of the most unique and at the same time simple kinds of fashion that she can add to her lifestyle was introduced by Riya Khattar, the founder of Heart Up My Sleeves. You can give a wonderful transformation of clothing with minimalism and sustainability. They have various kinds of sleeves like statement sleeves, brooches, and capes. All of them give you a luxurious and stylish kind of look for even your simple kind of outfits.

Vinitha Singh – Founder of Sugar Cosmetics and Anupam Mittal – CEO of were the sharks who are helping Riya to evolve in the fashion industry.


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