Pregnancy is surely a blessing. Bringing a new life into the world, one that is your own flesh and blood is beautiful. But let’s be honest, it’s not an easy process. For nine months, a woman experiences innumerable changes in her body – some pleasant and some not so pleasant. So to document her journey, actress Kalki Koechlin took to Instagram to share a chart that she prepared to help understand what pregnancy feels like. The actress who is currently pregnant with her first child has done this so that ‘people can get a glimpse into what we are going through and maybe curious enough to research further and be better prepared to help someone who is carrying.’ 

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I know pregnancy is a celebration of life, and we pregnant women are meant to be grateful and sensitive and glowing throughout, and mostly I’ve had a healthy, safe and wonderful journey so far, but it is by far not an easy ride, it is not all butterflies and unicorns, and many days are so tough I want to crawl into bed and disappear. So I made this poster based on some of my diary notes of the last 8 months just so the non pregnant people can get a glimpse into what we are going through and may be curious enough to research further and be better prepared to help someone who is carrying. Roughly: The pink is the first trimester The white is the second The red is the third The boxes are the physical symptoms The bubbles around are my feelings and thoughts at that moment

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As the caption describes, the picture has been divided into three parts. The pink one is the first trimester, the white second and the red is the third one. The picture has the symptoms in boxes while around that, Kalki has written all her thoughts and feelings during that time. Some of her thoughts are absolutely hilarious.

For instance, in the first trimester, she has put ‘bloating, gas, burping and overheating’ as a symptom. Her thoughts to the same were ‘I’ve probably contributed to a hole in the ozone layer’ and ‘ has the AC stopped working’. Pretty hilarious, and on point, right?

Similarly, for the second trimester, she’s written ‘loss of bladder control’ with the comment ‘oops… I sneezed’. Also, for the third trimester, the funniest comment is ‘guess I don’t need a Halloween costume, I’m already a laddu’ to the symptom weight gain.

I think all women who’ve ever given birth or are pregnant right now will be applauding for Kalki. She’s put their thoughts and feelings into words that are bang on!

Tell us some of the weird symptoms you had during your pregnancy and what were your thoughts about them!


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