Pregnancy is one of the important phases that every woman enjoys and looks forward to. It is true that this phase will be a combination of happiness and stress at the same time. As mothers, we should be responsible for our health and at the same time for our babies’ health too. Even though stress is one of the biggest concerns in pregnancy, it can be easily relieved when you follow certain routines rather than worrying about the stress itself.

Daily Routine for Healthy Pregnancy:

Here is a simple yet effective full-day routine that the mom-to-be can try for healthy and stress-free pregnancy:

  • Wake Up Early:

No matter, if you are a working woman or housewife, waking up early can give you a few extra hours. Sometimes, there may be days when you might feel hard to sleep at night. It’s okay to be a little late, but waking up before 7 AM would be more beneficial.

Oil pulling is one of the mandatory routines that all of us should follow no matter if you are pregnant or not. This is because there are 50% more chances for toothache and decay to occur during the pregnancy phase because of the less calcium content. You can use any oil like sesame or coconut oil. Then, brush your teeth and have a glass of warm water.

  • Walking / Exercise:

Once you have done with the morning routine, the next important step is workouts. It is advisable to consult your doctor before incorporating any form of exercise. Walking is one of the simple yet most effective exercises that you can do on a daily basis. Start with 15 – 20 mins in a day and gradually increase. There are a few simple yoga exercises like breathing exercises, cat pose, butterfly exercises, etc. which can be done slowly with proper breathing. You can also add meditation to make yourself calm and relaxed. Staying active helps the baby and you to be productive throughout the day.

  • Breakfast:

The first and most important meal of the day is going to boost your day. Have healthy, protein-rich breakfast recipes. You can include sprouts, mixed fruits, and multigrain dosa since they are healthy and balanced at the same time. Include folate-rich fruits or veggies like kiwis, oranges, lentils, etc., on a daily basis in at least one meal. Also, ensure you have soaked nuts and seeds daily to get enough vitamins and minerals to the body.

  • Mid-Morning Snack:

This is something where we all tend to go wrong by grabbing unhealthy snack options. Instead, you can go with fresh fruits or vegetable soups. If it’s the summer, go for water-rich fruits like watermelon, tender coconut, or buttermilk. The above snack suggestion will help in hydrating your body well, and at the same time will give you a dose of energy. In the winter seasons, go for hot soups instead of tea or coffee. You can go for spinach soups or vegetable soups to make it even healthier.

  • Lunch:

Go for a variety of foods for lunch rather than just rice or chapatis. Add two to three types of vegetables or sabzi with a small portion of rice. Adding colourful veggies filled with vitamins and proteins can help in keeping you stronger and healthier. Add fish and eggs at least once in two days. If you are a vegetarian include dals, paneer, etc.

  • Afternoon Nap:

Even though this is not possible for working women, make sure you relax or go for a small walk to make sure you are not sedentary. You can take a 30 min – 1 hr nap, which can help in re-energising the body.

  • Snack:

Have healthy channa, boiled peanuts, salads, or healthy homemade biscuits or ladoo as your healthy snack. Here also we tend to go with unhealthy food options like packaged and sugar-rich sweets. Even though craving is normal, make sure you cheat once or twice a week rather than giving excuses daily.

In the meantime, you can journal what can give you mental peace. Self-care also is very important since only then you will remain fresh and active throughout the day.

  • Exercise:

Also keeping yourself active and fit is more important since only then the baby will be happy and productive too. Walking or simple meditation or yoga for 30 mins will work. Daily make sure you spend 30 min – 1hr for exercises. You can do both in AM and PM or at any comfortable time of yours. Wait for 15 mins after your exercise, wipe out the sweat and drink water or juice according to your needs

  • Dinner:

Have early and lightweight foods like oats or vegetable salads for your digestion to be better. It is suggested to have an early dinner because it helps in making your sleep better and at the same time, digestion would be easier. Keep your mobile and TV away and start reading books so that you can get a good night’s sleep. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of milk, brush, and then go to bed.

Things to Remember:

  • Have at least 2 – 3 liters of water
  • Exercise is a must
  • Meditate if you feel stressed or when you are not at peace
  • Healthy foods > Junk and cravings
  • Educate yourself about parenting, maternity, and childbirth class
  • Take your medications on time
  • Stay active throughout your pregnancy period
  • Eat well, more healthy
  • Avoid using toxic or chemical products.
  • Prepare yourself for the maternity time


A healthy routine can help in making your pregnancy time calm, relaxed, and happy. Since every pregnancy works differently for women, make sure to choose and follow the ones which help in making your pregnancy journey healthy and stress-free.


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