Colic is a common condition in babies where they are in a state of fuzziness or crying for a prolonged period. Even though the baby seems to be healthy and fine, the continuous crying or being fuzzy for a longer time might make the parents worry. It’s neither dangerous nor harmful but will make the parents panic because of the kid’s behaviour which has lasted for more hours.

Symptoms to Know if it is Colic:

  1. Crying for more than 4 to 5 hours
  2. Without any need or requirements, they do cry for no reason
  3. Even though they stop crying at some point, they will act cranky in a fussier way
  4. Crying seems to be way louder than normal crying
  5. Infants tend to scream and shout without any specific reason.

Infants seem to cry or be irritated at the time, even for days and weeks. Generally, the baby feels or is colic in the evening, post 6 PM until midnight. (1)

Causes of Babies Colic:

There is no specific reason for this happening in babies. Some of the theories for colic are as follows: 

  • Sense of fear or excitement
  • Cause of discomfort due to organs growing inside the body
  • The digestive system is not yet fully developed
  • Belly pain or crankiness in the stomach
  • Food allergies 
  • Family stress/anxiety 
  • Sensitivity to formula or breast milk.
  • Overfeeding or Underfeeding

The above causes given are just an assumption, while it may be any one of those above or even none of the above. (1)

Here are some of the Tips to Reduce Colic in Babies:

  • Comfort your Baby:

Comforting the baby is one of the best and wisest choices you can make. Keep them closer to you, and make skin-to-skin contact with them. Massage your baby well, and let them feel you are going to be with them! Massaging the baby now and then can help in creating a bond and closeness with the baby. Make clockwise and anti-clockwise directions on the baby’s tummy to relieve the gas, if any. Post massage you can give a bath. 

  • Feed Them:

If you are breastfeeding them or using any kind of milk, make sure they are fed at regular intervals. Sometimes, when the baby drinks milk, it will lead to vomiting or will not be sufficient enough in one go. So, when they are crying, it is important that they are well-fed and there is nothing wrong if you are feeding them now and then. But always ensure that they burp well so that they don’t vomit or spit the milk out.

  • Turn On White Noise:

It is normal for babies to get scared due to new environmental changes. So, adding a mild noise will help them feel safe as if they are present in the womb. To re-creating those white noises, you can add mild music, turn on the shower, or even turn on a fan. These simple sounds can make them feel comfortable and better at the same time.

  • Give them Pacifiers:

Even though feeding continuously can make the mom tired and the baby feels full, it is the right time to include pacifiers in their sleep routine. Always make sure to invest in a good quality product, since the kids would suck and be based on their mood and behaviours. Giving them a pacifier during the colic times might help them in being less cranky and crying.

  • See the Doctor:

If you are worried about this, it’s better to consult a doctor and let them know how to calm the baby. This is one of the last things that you can do when it’s been repeated a lot more times. A paediatrician will help you by giving some of the best guidelines and remedies that might help the child to calm down!


Colic does not cause serious problems in babies. Make sure to be in a state where you are there for them no matter how long it is! If you are still more confused or stressed, you can consult your doctor for better guidance.


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