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Names Meaning
Names with A
AarushThe First Ray Of Sun
AgnivBright As Light
AabanName Of The Angel
Aabharan Jewel
Aabhas Feeling, Virtual
AabhatShining, Visible, Brilliant
Aabheer/AbheerA Cowherd, Name Of The Dynasty, Cow Herd
AabileshAffection, Desire, Aspiration
AacharyaA Promient Religious Teacher And Spiritual Guide, Teacher
AachmanIntake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya, Puja
AachuthanLord Krishna
Aadalalagan Lord Shiva, Perfect Dancer, Talented
AadalarasanDancer, Talented, Active
AadalazhaganLord Shiva
AadamyaApne Dam Par
AadanyanDerived From The Name Of King Cheran
AadarkoLord Shiva
AadarshIdeal, The Sun, Principle, Belief, Excellence, Ideal
AadarshanThe One Who Gets To See The Appearance Of God
AadarshananThe One Who Gets To See The Appearance Of God, Theophany
AadavThe Sun, Bright, Powerful, Intelligent
AadavanThe Sun
Aadesh/AdeshCommand, Message, Counsel, Command
AadhanCurious One
AadhavanThe Sun
AadhibanThe First Existence
AadhidevThe Supreme Being
AadhikeshavanLord Shiva
AadhilThe Beginner
AadhinathThe First Existence
AadhiraiyanThe First Existence
AadhirajThe Ancient King
AadhiranThe First Existence
AadhirayanLord Shiva
AadhisanThe First Existence
AadhiseshwarLord Shiva
AadhishFull Of Wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled
AadhishankarSri Shankaracharya; Founder Of Adwaitha Philosophy
AadhishwaranLord Shiva
AadhithanThe Sun, Lord Shiva
AadhithiyaThe Sun
AadhiyannalLord Shiva
AadhunikModern, New
AadiAdornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most Important, Ornament, Unequalled, First; First; Most Important
AadidevThe Lord Of The Lords, The First God
AadijayThe First Victory
Aadil/ AdilJustice, Sincere
AadimEntire Universe, First, Foundation, Original
AadimoolanThe Supreme Being
AadishFull Of Wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled
AaditPeak, Lord Of The Sun, First; Peak
AaditeyThe Sun
AadithPeak, Lord Of The Sun, First
AaditvaVariant Of Aditya, The Sun
AadvayUnique, One, United, With No Duplicate
AadyantInfinite From Adi To Ant, From Begining To End
AadyotPraise, Brilliant
AafiyaGood Health
AtharvaThe first Vedas, Lord Ganesh, Knower of the Arthara Vedas
ArshSky, Peak
AmeyLord Ganesha
Aryaman Possessor of greatness
AyaanGift of God
AaveerExplorer, Great Companion, Trustworthy
Names with B
BhuvanThe World
BhargavAllain Radiance
BharatGod Of Fire
BandhulCharming, Pleasing
BhavinAlways A Winner
BodhiEnlightenment Or To Become Aware
BhuvikDivine And Heavenly Boy
BhavyanshLarger Than Life
BhavikDevotee Of God
BhaveshLord Of Universe, Lord Of Existance
BhavyeshLord Shiva, Good Looking
Bhavy Grand, Splemdid
Names with C
ChetanSpirit Of Life
ChinmayKnowledgeable, Name Of Ganesha
Chaeralathan King Of Chera Naadu ( Tamil Country)
Charak An Ancient Physician
ChelanBeautiful Lake
CheliyanProsperous, Rich, Resourceful
ChithayuBorn Of Intellect
Chirantan Immortal
Names with D
DarshitIt Means To Pay Respect
DakshCapable, Son Of Lord Brahma
DarshLord Krishna, Handsome
DevakGod Or Divine Entity
DevanshPart Of God
DevarshWorshipper Of God
DhruvPole Star, Eternal, Firm
DaksheshVictory Of The Forest
DalbirPropriety Of A King
DruvishShadow Of Lord Shiva
DakshithLord Shiva, Adroit
DhishanThe Intelligent One
DarshilBeautiful, Pleasing
DiyanBright Light
DhanishLord Of Wealth
DivyamDivine, Spiritual
DaivikDivine, Religious
DanishFull Of Knowledge And Wisdom
DhanvinLord Shiva
Dikshant A Boy Whose All Kind Of Education Is Completed Successfully, Gift Of Guru.
Names with E
EkdevaOnly God
EkambaraThe Sky As A Attire
EshanLord Shiva
EhimayAll Pervasire
EkachithWith One Mind , Concentrated
EkadantLord Ganesha
EkamLight Of Two Person In One Baby
EklavyaPupil Of Dronacharya
Ekanga Single Bodied , Unique
EesanThe Supreme Ruler
EkachakraSon Of Kashya
EkanshWhole,One Complete
ErishTo Cherish
Ekana Lord Vishnu
Evaan Young warrior
Names with F
Falgu Lovely
Faneendra King Of Serpent , Shiva
FanibhushanLord Shiva
Fitan Intelligence
FianAdd Meaning
Falak Till End
FarahHappiness,Paradise Flower
Fawzi Triumph
FarokhPower Of Discrimination
Faaris Horseman , Knight
Fahan Life , Wind
Names with G
Gaalav To Worship, Ebony, Strong, A Sage
Gagan Sky, Heaven, Atmosphere
Garvit Proud, Progressive
Gatik Fast, Progressive
Gatnam Liberated Through Naam
Gaurang A Fair One; Husband Of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva
Gaurav Honor, Pride, Respect, Glory, Dignity; Honour, Pride, Respect
Gaurpriya Beloved Of Lord
Gaveshan Researcher
Gowshik The Perfect, Freedom, Happiness Life Of Journey
Gritik Mountain
Names with H
Haadiya Guide To Righteousness
Hamrish Lovable, Helpful
Hanshit Like Honey
Harithik From The Heart
Harjeet Victorious, Victor; Victorious
Harshit Joyful, Joyous
Hemang One With Shining Body; Body Made Of Gold
Hemank Diamond
Herish Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, The Person Who Feels That What He Is Doing Is Actually Gods Wish
Hetash Energy
Himank Diamond
Hiten The Heart
Names with I
Ibhan Lord Ganesh, The God Having Mouth Of Elephant
Ilavenil Spring, Youthful
Ibhanan Elephant Faced; Lord Ganesh
Inakanta Beloved Of The Sun
Inayavan Incomparable, Matchless
IshankPeak Of The Himalaya, Lord Shiva And Gauri (Goddess Parvati)
Ishik Light, Desirable
Ishir Another Name For Agni
Ishit One Who Desires To Rule, Desired; One Who Desires To Rule
Ishmit Lover Of God, Friend Of God
Ivaan Gods Gracious And Glorious Gift, The Sun, Ruler, Royal
Iyan Lord Shiva, Sage, Hindu Priest
Iynkaran God Ganesh, Pronounce Like “Ayngaran”
Iyengar Lord Krishna, Sage, Priest, Brahman
Names with J
Jaagrav Alert, Awake, Watchful, Sun, Another Name For Agii
Jairaj Lord Of Victory, Brilliant; Lord Of Victory
Jaitik Victory
Jaival Life Giving, Full Of Life; Life Giving
Jaivant Victory, Victorious; Victorious
Jasamit Protected By Fame
Jash God Is Gracious, Kirti, Good Wishes
Jaskaran Good Deeds
Javed Immortal; Eternal
Jay Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious; Victory
Jeevesh God, Courageous; God
Jenish Gods Gracious Butterfly
Jeyanan Successful
Jival Full Of Life, Inspiring, Lively, Causing Victory; Full Of Life
Jivesh God, Courageous
Jitesh God Of Victory
Jaisheel Victorious
Jagjeet Conquer Of The World
Names with K
Kaanha Lord Krishna
Kaartike Son Of Lord Shiva
Kabir Famous Saint
Kadam First Step To Do Anything
Kunj Trees And Creeper Overgrown
Keva Fair And Gentle
Keyaam Crown , King
Kiyansh Person Having All Qualities
Kushank One Piece Of Grass
Kunjal Cuckoo, Nightingale
Khorshed Sun
Kairav White Lotus
Kadamb Name Of A Tree
Kailash Mountain ( Abode Of Lord Shiva )
Kalyan Welfare
Kamalaksh Beautiful Loutus Eyes
Karam Light
Karma Deeds, Action
Kaustubh Immortal
Kautik Joy
Kedaar Lord Shiva Or Field
Kesar Saffron
Keshav Lord Vishnu
Ketan Pure Gold
Khagendra Lords Of Birds
Kranti Revolution
Krishav Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Kshitij Horizon
Kunal Son Of King Ashoka
Kundan Gold
Names with L
Lagan Appropriate Time, Devotion, Love, The Rising Of The Sun Or Planets, Attaclunent
Laksh Aim, Target, Goal, Sign; Aim, Target
Lakshak Ray Of Beauty, Expressing Indirectly
Lakshit Distinguished, Regarded
Larshan The One Has A Crowned With Laurel
Lashit Wished, Desired
Lathish Happiness
Lathush Joy
Lavanay Handsome
Lavesh God Of Love
Lavin Fragrance, Lord Ganesh
Lavit Lord Shiva, Lovely, Small
Lavnya Beauty, Grace
Lokesh King Of World; Lord Brahma
Lukesh King Of The Empire
Luhit Name Of A River
Names with M
Maadavan Lord Krishna, Attractive, Handsome
Maadhav Another Name Of Lord Krishna, Sweet Like Honey; Another Name Of Krishna
Maaksharth It Means, Precious Part Of Mothers Heart
Maalin One Who Makes Garlands, Wearing A Garland, Crowned, Gardener
Maanas Mind, Soul, Brilliant, Spiritual Thought, Heart Intellect, Desire, Human Being, Latin Manus Is Translated As Hand, Insight, Cheerfulness
Maandav Able Administrator, Fit, Competent
Maandavik Belonging To People, Administrator
Maandhan Rich In Honour, Honourable
Maandhar Honourable
Maanik Ruby, Valued, Honoured, Gem
Maanvir Brave Heart
Maargit Pearl, Desired, Needed
Maarmik Intelligent, Influential, Insightful, Perceptive
Maarshak Respectable, Worthy
Maathiniyan Lovable Man
Maderu Worthy Of Praise
Madesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of Intoxication, Name Of Shiva; Lord Shiva
Madhan Cupid, God Of Love, Man Filled With Beauty, Intoxicating, Pleasing, Another Name For The Love God Kaama, Spring, Passion
Magath Great
Magilarasan Happiest One
Magizhan Joyful, Happiest Person
Mahakram Lord Vishnu, He Provides Easy Step By Step Access For The Elevation Of His Devotees; Lord Vishnu
Mahant Great
Mahantesh Great Soul
Maharth Very Truthful
Maharvin Glorious
Maheem Lord Shiva, Great
Mahiman Dignity, Power, Greatness
Mahith Honored, Respected, Excellent, Revered
Maimat Devoted, A Promise To God
Majeed Superior
Makhesh Lord Krishna, Lord Of Sacrifice, Name Of Vishnu; Lord Krishna
Malhari Lord Shiva, Enemy Of The Demon Malla
Mamraj Lord Of Affection
Manaal Attainment; Achievement
Manaan Meditate, Thinking, Thought
Manajit One Who Has Conquered Thought, One Who Conquered The Mind
Manank Affectionate, Kind
Manasyu Wishing, Desiring, Desirous
Mandit Decorated, Adorned
Manit One Who Wins Heart, Highly Respected, Highly Regarded, Celebrated, Understood; Highly Respected
Manorit Desire, Of The Mind
Maulik Precious, Valuable, Dear, Ultimate, Original, Essential Ultimate; Precious
Names with N
NachiketSon of Vajashravas
Naik A Chief,Leader
NaimishInside viewer, Wink, Transient
NealChampion,Lord Shiva
NeelLord Shiva ,Sky,Cloud
NeerWater, Clear,Pure
NeevFoundation,Strong Foundation
NeilComing From Cloud , Champion
NickVictory Of The People
NishiketKing of Moon
NoamGood Looking,Sweet Friend
NadavNoble , Generous One
NakulName Of One Of The Pandavas
NamanSalutation, Respect,Namaste
NatikLord Ganesha
NehalThe One Who Is Gratified
NevaanHoly, Pure Soul
NihirWinnd ,First Rain Of Monsoon
NikilWhole , Complete, Entire
NivilWise One
NohitBlessed One
NabhayWithout Fear
NaitikRegular,Good In Nature
Namrit Humble,Alive , Politeness
Names with O
Om Creation,The Essence Of Life
Oli Courageous,Elf Army
Ohas Praise
Ogan Wave , Assembled,United
Ohit Brilliant
Ojal Vision, Splendid,Light
Ojas Shine,Full Of Light
Omit Love
Omya Life Giving
Ovin Handsome
Ovil Loving To God
Ojaay Exhibit Strength
Ojhal God
Ojjal Light,Vision
Okhil Brilliant
OmbirGrateful, Spiritual Warrior
Omdev L Ord Shiva
Omeed Hope
Omesh Like A God
Omkar Sound Of The Scared Syllabus
Ompal God
Omraj Related To Lord Shiva
Omsri Devotional
Omvir Add Meaning
Onish Lord Krishna
OnkarLord Shiva
Omdeep Light Of God Lamp
Omveer Lord Of Shiva
Ovansh Part Of Lord Shiva – Vishnu
Omkrish Lord Krishna
Names with P
ParmBeing Supreme
PrajA Wise Man
PremLove ,Bonding
PahilWarm Wind
PahwaLord Vishnu
Panav Prince
PanthSavage,Path,The Creed
ParasTouchstone,Gold Maker
ParikAdd Meaning
ParthEmperor Of The World.
PavinSun,Moon, Intelligent
PihanSweet Bird Voice
PoorvThe East
PriamLove, Beloved
PuranReality, Complete
Paarit In Each Detection
Pankaj Lotus Flower
Paresh Supreme Spirit,Lord Shiva
PrajanWise Healer
PrajinKind ,God,Victory
PrakamJoy, Desire
PranabSound Of Om
Pratak Symbol
PrithvinLord of Earth
Names with Q
Quays Firm, Hard
Qazi Judge, Justice
Qush Strong
Quabid Constrictor, A Name Of Allah
Qabil Son Of Adam
Qadim Ancient, Antique
Qadir Full Of Power
Qalam Pen
Qamar Moon, Satellite
Qarin Ocean
Quran Soul , Self
Qasim Divider, The One Who Divides
Qubul Accepting Concurrence
Qutub Tall, Pole
Qutuz Type Of Rock
Quzam Violent And Quick
Qaabiz Man
Qabbab Strong Deer
Qabsat Fish
Qaddam Leader
Quahar Dominant
Qaimaq Cream
Qaisar King, Emperor
Names with R
Rajnish God Of Night
Rajrishi King’S Sage
Rajveer The hero of Kingdom/Brave King
Ranajay Victorious
Ranesh Lord Shiva
Rish Brave And Dominant
Raiya Property Treasure
Raul Versatile
Raif Merciful
Raiza Fairy, Pleasure
Rabi Spring, Breeze
Reyan Fame
Risheek Lord Shiva
Ranvit Joyous
Rahan Big
Reyansh First Ray Of Sunlight
Rashne Judge
Ritvaan Lord
Rochan Red Lotus , Bright
Raul Strong Defender
Raahi Traveler, Adventurer
Rajanya Kingly
Renesh Lord Of Love
Ritvik Priest; Scholar head of the Vedas
Runav Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Rudraneil Lord Shiva
Names with S
Saadhan Work, Achievement, Worship, The Shelter, Fulfilment
Saadhav Simple, Loyal, Decent, Peaceful, Worthy, Chaste, Devout Worthy, Noble
Saadhik Winner, Pious, Proficient
Saadhin Achievement, Work
Saahan Long Life
Saahat Stong, Powerful
Saakaar Manifestation Of God
Saaket Lord Krishna, Having The Same Intention
Saaksh True, Witness, With Eyes
Saamod Pleased, Happy, Fragrant
Saanjya Unique, Incomparable
Saaransh Summary, In Brief, Precise, Result
Saarvendra Every Where, God
Saathvik Calm, Virtuous And Another Name Of Lord Shiva
Saathvi Existence, Real
Saayan Friend, Kind Heart
Saayak Weapon, Kind And Helpful
Sachchit Lord Brahma, Truth; Lord Brahma
Sachith Joyful Or Consciousness
Sadanandam Who Is Happy Always
Sadashiv Pure, Eternally Pure
Sadavir Ever Courageous
Sadgata Who Moves In The Right Direction
Sadhak Practitioner
Sadhya Accomplishment, Perfection, Feasible, To Be Accomplished, Ascetic, Seeking Salvation
Sritej Radiant Light, Wealth, Brightness
Swojas Lord Ganesha, Radiant
Swarnit Golden
Shivin Lord Shiva
Names with T
Taneesh Ambition
Tahaan Merciful
Tatya Fact, Truth, Lord Shiv
Tushir New Small Leaf
Tushin Satisfied
Taarush Conquerer, Small Plant
Tahaan Merciful
Tanay Son
Tejas Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance
Tapan Sun
Tanoj Son
Tahir Holy
Taksh Son Of Brahatha
Tanish Ambition
Tanuj Son
Tanul To Expand
Tarun Young
Tavish Heaven
Tejas Bright
Tohit Beautiful
Trishan A King Of The Surya Dynasty
Tupil Moon
Tusar Water Drops
Tanvir Strong
TilakSpot Of Vermillion Or Sandal Wood Paste On Forehead
TusyaLord Shiva
Tuhin Snow
Names with U
UdayThe Rising; To Rise
UditRisen; Grown; Awakened; Shining
Ujesh One Who Gives Light, Conquering
Uzair Precious, Name Of A Prophet
Uddish Lord Shiva
Uchit Right
Udant Correct Message
Udarsh Brimming
Uddhav Lord Krishna’S Friend, Festival, Sacrificial Fire (Yagya)
Uduraj Lord Of Stars
Ujal Shine
Ujay Victorious
Urnik Different
Upamanyu Name Of A Devoted Pupil
Umay Name Of A Devoted Pupil
Ubaid Faithful
Uddit Faithful
Udeep Flood
Ujesh One Who Bestows Light
Ujjal Bright
Ujwal Bright
Ulhas Joy
Umesh Name Of Shiva
Umrao King
Upen Indra’S Younger Brother
Urav Excitement
Names with V
Vaageesh Lord Of Speech
Vaakeeshan Lord Krishna
Vaaman Avatar Of Vishnu
Vaanan One Of The King From Paandiya Kingdom
Vaasu Wealth
Vaayun God, Lively, Moving, Active, Alive, Clear
Vadanya Generous, Eloquent, Prosperous, Articulate
Vachasya Well Spoken Of, Praiseworthy, Celebrated, Famous
Vagish God Of Speech Lord Brahma; God Of Speech (Lord Brahma)
Vahin Lord Shiva, Vahin; Lord Shiva
Vaibhav Richness, Power, Eminence; Prosperity
Vaibudh Belonging To The Gods, Divine
Vaidat Knowledgable
Vaidhav Anthor Name For Mercury, Born Of The Moon
Vaidik Enlightening, Knowledge of Veda
Vaidyut Brilliant
Vaikartan Name Of Karna
Vairag Detached, Free From Desire And Attaclunent
Vaishant Quiet And Shining Star
Vaishwanar Omnipresent
Vajradhar Lord Indra, The One Who Bears The Vajra; Lord Indra
Vajrang Diamond Bodied
Valavan Skilful
Vanad Cloud
Vanamalin Lord Krishna, One Wearing A Sylvan Garland; Lord Krishna
Names with W
Wahid Singular; Exclusive; Unique
Wedant The Scriptures, Vedic Method Of Self Realization, Knower Of The Vedas, Theology, Absolute Truth, Hindu Philosophy Or Ultimate Wisdom, King Of All
Wali Governor, Protector
Waman Short, Fifth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu
Names with Y
Yaachan Prayer, Entreaty
Yaadav Lord Krishna, Descendent From Yadu, Name Of Krishna
Yaaj Worshipper, Sacrifice, Another Name For Lord Shiva, A Sage
Yaajak Sacrificing Priest, Religious, Generous
Yaamir The Moon
Yaashvan Winner
Yaatiesh Lord Of Devotees
Yadhavan Lord Krishna, Descendent Of Yadu
Yaduvir Lord Krishna, Brave Man, Descendent Of Yadu; Lord Krishna
Yagya Sacrifice
Yaj Worshipper, Sacrifice, Another Name For Lord Shiva, A Sage; A Sage
Yajak Sacrificing Priest, Religious, Generous
Yajat Sacred, Holy, Divine, Another Name Of Lord Shiva, Dignified, The Moon; Lord Shiva
Yajnarup Lord Krishna, One Who Is As Pure As Yajna, One Whose Form Is Yajna; Lord Krishna
Yajus A Worshipper, Sacrifice
Yajvin Religious
Yakshin Living, Alive
Yamajit Lord Shiva, The One Who Won Over Yama; One Who Conquered Death, Lord Shiva
Yamit Restrained
Yash Victory, Glory, Success, Celebrity, Reputation; Fame
Yashameet Fame
Yashasva Full Of Fame
Yashaswin Successful Boy
Yashdeep Success, The Light Of Glory
Yashawant Always Famous
Yashith Person Who Brings Fame, Famous Or Glorious
Yashodhan Rich In Fame
Yashovarman Victorious, Glorious, Famous, Successful
Yashvasin Beloved And Ever Popular Lord, Lord Ganesh
Yashvir Glorious And Brave
Yuvaan Youthful, Lord Shiva
Names with Z
Zahin Great
Zahir Protector,Persian Poet
Zaiden Strength
Zain Good Light.
Zalak Instant Appearance
Zamir Brave,Handsome
Zarir Golden
Zavian Bright
Zayant Victorious, Star
Zayd Abundance
Zeehan Brightness, Whiteness, Drought
Zeeshan Strength
Zitin Little Shinning Spark, It Means A Brightly, Shining Star
Ziyaan Stylish, Elegant, Fashionable
Zian Life, Strong

Indian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

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