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10 Helpful Apps for New Moms


Being a mom is a challenging task, which requires a lot of multi-functioning. From changing diapers to cooking, cleaning, etc., all are under her go. Even though there may be people to help at times, most of the time she has to manage all by herself. Since there are a lot of things going around being a mom it’s not at all easier. Especially with working moms, it may be even more hectic since she has to manage both work and home. In what cases, having things planned might work for them? There are applications which help in making their work a little easier.

Top 10 Helpful Apps Which Are Specially Designed For Moms:

  • Grocery Apps:

It may be hard for the new working mommies to balance work and home. In that case, when technology is helping, why can’t we just use them? For that, there are a lot of grocery apps, which deliver groceries, veggies, and fruits just on ordering within a time of 30min to 1hr. Rather than going to the market, this application is one of the best ways to go with it!

  • Fitness Applications:

Initially, we were only one, but now we have a family who may be dependent on you for many things. Especially the baby, who wants you in most of their things. So, we must take care of our health both physically and mentally. This is not just for working moms, even the stay-at-home moms should work out and take care of their health too. Even though it’s completely hard and not possible to go to gyms, you can use any app, and workout from the comfort of your home.

  • Just Dial:

It is important to not wait or manage to stand in a queue having a baby in hand or waiting at home. In that case, going to the right time for functions or appointments would be a better choice. So, book appointments or use dialling apps before stepping out so that the waiting time would be reduced.

  • To-Do List:

There are a lot of To-Do apps, which help them in reminding their daily tasks or other important things which have to be remembered or reminded. Adding all of them in To-Do might help in reminding them what and when it has to be done. It can be a saviour for not just the moms but every one of us who tends to forget things.

  • Calendar:

Noting the important meetings and tasks in the calendar and setting reminders would be the most efficient way to not forget the important things or tasks or even meetings. Get to note them in the calendar apps, which could be way easier to be reminded.

  • Firstcry:

One of the best stores for choosing your kid’s clothing; Yet the blogging apps read more about kids and their nutrition along with the kid’s essentials. It’s an application, and there are even online stores available where you can get kids’ essentials by its look and feel. Not just for babies in one brand, you can get them all in one go!

  • Baby Chakra:

This is also one of the best parenting apps which has a community and also products available. This is like the Firstcry, but here you will get only one brand product. You can chit-chat with other moms and professionals in the community regarding kids and their needs.

  • Driving Apps:

Traffic is one of the biggest concerns most of us are facing, no matter how small a distance we have to travel! Even though most of us know how to drive, driving in this heavy traffic is more stressful and tense at times too. So go with Uber, Ola, and many others available which you can choose based on the availability or comfort of your home.

  • News Apps:

It’s hard for us to spend time and read the newspapers by having a cup of chai. So, having new applications like Times of India, NDTV, etc. They give information in top headlines which will tell us in short about the current and up-to-date information in just one go!

  • ┬áInsight Timer:

The calming and peaceful mind plays a key role in making the moms healthy in a mentally disturbed or tense state. If you are into meditation or need some guided meditation for free, then this is one of the best choices to go with!


Making use of inventions and technology would be a better way than sticking to old and slow ways to work on! Please comment if you have any more applications, for our fellow moms; Would be a great help.

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