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Zoomin Brand Review: The Best Customized Products Store In India

Zoomin, one of the oldest online brands in India is most loved for the personalization of products at reasonable prices.

With a wide range of products and personalization starting from Rs. 149, Zoomin has carved a unique niche for itself in the market. 

For our D2C brand review series on, we got a few products from 

In this blog post, we will carefully discuss the various aspects of Zoomin, exploring its product range, user experience, customer service, and overall reputation.

Zoomin Products Range:

Zoomin has an extensive product range that is personalizable and definitely in-budget. Some of its interesting product categories include photobooks, framed photo prints or just the photo prints, calendars, tote bags etc. 

Some kids products include personalised water bottles, theme based luggage tags, notebooks, customizable stationery and more. 

All the products looked great, but I started by ordering a customised water bottle, a name tag, some photo prints, and a tote bag for our Zoomin brand review.

              Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

User Experience:

Zoomin has a very simple and seamless ordering process.

It was easy to navigate through the various product categories, upload photos, and customise the chosen items. 

Note: The user experience is intuitive and hassle-free, ensuring a smooth journey from product selection to checkout.

Quality and Durability of Personalized Products by Zoomin:

Along with the super impressive product pricing, the quality of products is also impressive. 

I absolutely loved the look and quality of the canvas fabric tote bag. Whether I’m visiting the store on a regular basis or going on vacation, I’ll definitely use it.

Also the kids products are super creative. My son loved let’s build theme name tag for his school bag. Also the customized water bottle’s quality is excellent and it’s very light-weight, hence easy to carry around for the kids when filled with water. 

Astronaut Theme Personalized Water Bottle

Affordability and Discounts:

Zoomin frequently runs promotional campaigns, discounts, and offers, making personalized gifting a budget-friendly option. This combination of quality and affordability has contributed to Zoomin’s popularity as India’s most visited customized products store.

Also, there is a Zoomin 14th Birthday discount going on right now. Check out 30% sitewide discount and avail the offer,.

Also, full points on cute packaging. 

Photo wall with Zoomin Photo Prints – Pinteresty Corner


With its diverse range of products, user-friendly interface, excellent customer service, and commitment to quality, Zoomin has earned the trust and loyalty of customers nationwide. Besides, reasonable pricing a is bigg reason why I loved Zoomin online store. 

It is surely going to be my go-to destination for all my gifting and personalized product needs.


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