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Sadhev Review : Luxury & Ayurvedic Skincare Products in India


My skin has taken quite a hit due to pollution and the not-so-friendly change in weather. My skin has truly seen the influence of city life by struggling with everything from dullness to breakouts. You name it—dryness, irritability, etc.—my skin was waving that flag!

So I made the decision to change things up and revamp my skincare regimen using organic products. I discovered Sadhev’s range of Ayurvedic skincare items and I knew I had to give them a chance. And here I am, after a month sharing my thoughts on Sadhev’s collection of Ayurvedic skin care products.

Living amidst all of this disturbance, my skin was in desperate need of some major Attention. My skin was like a desert, and pollution was like an unwelcome guest creating outbreaks. Ayurveda felt like the superhero choice for my rescue strategy.

Sadhev Review – Ayurvedic Skin Care Collection

During my 20s I have always desired to maintain a proper natural skincare routine but could not do so. After years when my skin literally screamed for some attention I could fulfil my wish through Sadhev’s products. Let us dive deep into each product’s review. 

Sadhev Aloe Vera and Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam

I’m really impressed with the effects of Sadhev’s Aloe Vera and Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam; it’s like a miraculous potion for your skin. When I first started using Gel, I immediately felt the warmth of ancient wisdom blended with the goodness of nature. Aloe Vera, Saffron, and Kumkumadi Tailam work together like a dream team to give your skin a fantastic appearance and feel.

Ingredients in the gel

Saffron:  Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it has brought an exceptional glow to my skin.

Aloe Vera: The antioxidants and vitamins A and C have transformed my skin from parched to dewy. 

Kumkumadi Tailam: Provides a soothing effect with enhanced skin complexion. 

My experience:

When the gel arrived my skin was really dry and dull due to the winter season. I applied the gel twice daily before getting ready for my office and during bedtime. My skin feels hydrated and smooth the whole day long. The texture of the gel is very light and soft so it does not feel heavy on your face. Hence, I would totally recommend the Aloe Vera and Saffron Gel if you are facing dry and acne-prone skin. 

Sadhev Rose Water

The Sadhev Rose water is a magical combination of handpicked centifolia roses and the essence of 200-year-old ancestral wisdom. I’ve always thought that the most powerful things are frequently simplest in nature, and Sadhev’s Rose Water is the ideal illustration of this idea. Let me tell you, this delicate mixture has quickly proven itself as a mainstay in my skincare regimen. It’s like a whisper of nature’s essence.


I spray the rose water on my face before applying the aloe vera and saffron gel for effective results. The product comes in a bottle with a handy pump jar that allows for easy usage. So it is also a travel-friendly option! 

Sadhev Under Eye Gel

Dark circles have literally become an integral part of my skin. As a mother, I would spend nights taking care of my baby and thereafter even for work. I could see puffiness under my eyes which I didn’t like at all. So I bought Sadhev Under Eye gel which is filled with natural ingredients. It provides a refreshing and hydrating feeling to my face all day long. 

Ingredients in the gel:

Aloe vera: Provides softness and hydration

Cucumber: Reduce puffiness and dark circles  

Liquorice: Provide moisture to skin 

Rose water: Anti-inflammatory agent 

Safflower: Anti-bacterial agent

My experience:

I apply the under-eye gel at night to allow it to wander its magic all night long. I could feel the lightness and coolness as soon as I applied it. The under-eye area complexion mixed with my face tone and decrease in puffiness was also evident. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has those baggy eyes like me! 

Sadhev Ayurvedic Body Wash Hydrating – Ashwagandha, Oudh & Pomegranate

I’ve experimented with a fair number of body washes that promised to hydrate and revitalise my skin because I have skin that is always dry and weary. But Sadhev’s Nourishing Body Wash actually distinguished itself from the competition. I was greeted by a calming, all-natural scent as soon as I opened the bottle, which immediately made me feel at ease.

From the very first use, it was clear that Sadhev’s Body Wash was designed with love. With just the aroma, I was transported away to a spa-like paradise in my own bathroom thanks to its soothing and calming effects. Additionally, the wash had a rich, creamy, and silky feel to it.

My skin felt nourished by the combination of Ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, and vitamins. The addition of Ashwagandha, which is well-known for its revitalising qualities, caught my interest. My skin felt soft and shielded even after a long day in the sun, which was thanks to the moisturising properties of the pomegranate component.

About Sadhev-The Art of Ayurveda

Sadhev is a voyage into the heart of nature’s embrace rather than merely a brand for beauty and wellness. Sadhev offers a novel perspective on beauty that is rooted in the wealth of the planet through its dedication to purity, sustainability, and ethical practises. If you are looking for a range of organic beauty and care products then you should definitely check out Sadhev’s entire collection. 

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