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Success Stories Of Women Entrepreneurs From Shark Tank I

Success Stories Of Women Entrepreneurs

Shark Tank, one of the most famous shows in India, has helped many budding entrepreneurs in their business journey. Here, a panel of sharks will audition for the business proposals and will invest the money if the idea is unique and thoughtful. In return, the proposal team will give a specific share to the investors. The sharks were also budding entrepreneurs once, which means when our idea is unique, anything and everything is possible and achievable.

When the world is common for everyone irrespective of gender, it is important to not degrade or disrespect the woman even if she has the best idea. Women are evolving in every industry and at the same time, they are equally talented too. Also in the business world, women are equally participating and the percentage has been raised compared to the previous years. Shark Tank gives opportunities to everyone who has better ideas, and here are some of the best women entrepreneurs who got funded by the sharks with their unique and brilliant inventions.

Here is the list of women entrepreneurs and their business journey in detail:

  1. Elcare:

Elderly Care, in short Elcare, is a healthcare service brand which helps in providing ultimate care, security and quality services to elderly people through the help of ex-servicemen and industry experts. Like parenting, they thought of a beautiful concept of Carenting by caring for the elderly people in the home. Normally, elderly people are prone to sickness often, and at times they also have the feeling of loneliness. In that case, we as a team would help them in their needed times with the help of our services at affordable prices.

Elderly people would love to expect the time that you should spend with them, especially during their hard times. So, we at Elcare are trying to make Parenting a common thing in India. Just a call would make you feel better, because they are just a step away during your emergency times and crisis. Aashna Mutneja, the best entrepreneur in town, created this Elcare thinking of elderly people all around India. There are many centres in various parts of India with 24hrs support. There are quite different services available like Physiotherapy, ICU setup, Medical equipment, and a lot more.

  1. Scrapshala:

We need to consider our mother nature, by making our environment a better place to live in for our kids and upcoming generations. Shikha Shah from Varanasi tries to make use of things which cannot be discarded in the form of decor, gifting, stationery, and a lot more. Initially, no one noticed, and they started posting on Facebook they got the needed recognition from people around the world. They also give chances to rural people and help many of them get jobs.

They aimed to create and give sustainable products for protecting our mother nature with eco-friendly products. From event decor products to stationery, gifting, lifestyle, and a lot more.

  1. Green Protein:

Protein is one of the important sources for our body to be healthy, strong, and fit at the same time. The lifespan of a protein lasts only 48 hrs, which means only for a couple of days. So, it is important to have a source of protein in our diet every alternative day. If you are confused about how much gram of protein is needed for a day, this can be easily calculated based on the person’s weight. If you are around 50 kgs, then 50g of protein is needed, and so on. Since protein is needed for bones, skin, hair, and every part of the body, every one of us needs a healthy dose of protein without any kind of guilt. 

And there we started to introduce a plant-based protein which is also called green protein. You can get different flavours like strawberry, peach, vanilla, etc. Their motive was to consume protein sources without any form of external guilt. They are 100% vegan and have no added sugars.

  1. Carragreen:

Another eco-friendly brand is a business brand which delivers unique and affordable eco-friendly stationery products. It is a family business run by the MIL – DIL, who is so much into creativity and uniqueness. Surabhi Shah & Chetna Shah found how badly we are hurting our other nature with products that are creating so much harm to our planet. They were initiated into the food industry packaging for almost 35+ years.

So, they came up with Carrageen, which gives biodegradable products which will be easy for mother nature to be discarded once after using them. Their simple and innovative creations are helping thousands of plastic in terms of degradable and eco-friendly product collections.

It was the women who developed these unique collections which are useful for nature and the people in the country. So, no matter what stage we are at, trying will lead us in the winning direction.

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