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All About India’s Women Sharks

Female sharks

Shark Tank is nothing but a reality show which was hosted on Sony Entertainment Channel in Hindi. A panel of sharks (judges or sponsors) will be present, and the budding entrepreneurs will make a presentation or show about their products or the business, what and how! If the sharks like the proposal or idea, they tend to sponsor an amount according to the project and in return will get some share from the company. It is completely the investor’s decision to choose and sponsor or not, according to the way they like the proposal.

The investors or sharks are nothing but are now successful entrepreneurs after struggling in their early stages. Here is the list of investors of Shark Tank India:

  1. Aman Gupta – boAt Founder
  2. Anupam Mittal –’s Founder 
  3. Ghazal Alagh – Mama’s Earth Owner and Founder
  4. Namita Thapar – Head and Executive Director of  Pharmaceuticals company Emcure 
  5. Peyush Bansal – Lenskart’s Co-founder 
  6. Vineeta Singh – Sugar Cosmetics’ Founder 
  7. Amit Jain – CarDekho’s 

Shark Tank India has given a boost and encouraged a lot of budding women entrepreneurs who are trying quite a lot of businesses for the well-being of the people in India. Even though the percentage of women who are into business is very much lower than men, shows as these will help in encouraging and boosting women’s entrepreneurship all over India.

There is no doubt that the show is one of the best all over India, which is discussed among all age groups. It helps in motivating budding women to go and try wonderful business ideas. Women are trending in almost every industry, and shark tank acts as a hand for womens in motivating and encouraging them to be successful in business too.

Entrepreneurship is also something that will help in the overall growth of the country. When women are equally involved in them, it helps in making the country get involved in various industries like fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and a lot more. There were unique ideas which got approved by the sharks. Even though they may seem to be odd initially, as time and trend grows they will also become a part of the society and country. So, a unisex platform helps in giving solutions and helps the minds rather than looking at gender, sex, or colour.

Here are some of the wonderful business proposals approved by the sharks approved from the thousands of applications:

  1. Carragreen – By Surabhi and Chetna Shah

Since our mother nature gets spoiled because of the thousands of plastics, here comes one of the better initiatives that will help in teaching the kid’s zone, about the importance of reusable kinds of products than the products that will take years for composting.

The MIL – DIL combo came up with the best eco-friendly products like cost0 efficient alternatives for biodegradability and products which are friendly to the environment.

  1. Scrub Daddy:

One of the most wanted brands is delivering high-performing cleaning products with fun and innovations. It is completely normal for most of us to work on cleaning. SO having cleaning products that are fun and innovative will help in making our work easier and better. One of the must-have daily use products with innovative designs is super needed today. 

Try out their texture-changing scrubbers, smell-resistant spongers, etc., and have a bit of fun while cleaning.

  1. The Bouqs:

Life is all about enjoying, celebrating, travelling, trying unique foods, and a lot more. When there is fun and excitement in making our loved ones happy, there is nothing else needed in the works. The Bouqs is an online seller of flowers, that directly gets in contact with eco-friendly farms. There is even an option of same delivery and next-day delivery for people to get in touch with gifts immediately no matter what!

  1. The Style Sleeper:

One of the must-haves for women when they need instant hair styling without any sort of chemicals. The style sleeper helps in delivering heat-free hair rolls that are so much more comfortable, which gives you sleep time! There are two sizes available which you can choose based on your hair type and length of the hair.

One of the best tools for fast morning people who can get a good comfortable night’s sleep along with sift, shining, and beautiful hairstyle as an outcome. Very much simple to use by anyone by following the directions in the right way.

There are always quite a variety of platforms for you to help; So make sure to think out of the box, rather than just working on the existing and available products. A platform like Shark Tank has helped hundreds of people with their innovations and dreams. So, dont forget or restrain your dream when it can be helpful to thousands of people all around the world.

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