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6 Quick Lunch Box Recipes For Rushed Mornings

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As we all know breakfast should never be skipped, and is needed for our whole day to be active. Also, it is important to know that lunch should also be had healthily to make the energy level last until the evening. It is also said that we can have a good heavy lunch when the sun is high since they will help in digestion better. Since our kids should have the necessary stamina and energy, get them healthy lunch boxes for making their lifestyle and the day healthier too.

It is normal some days for you to be lazy to cook, or even busy because of early morning meetings or schedules. Here are some of the top 10 healthy and easy-to-make lunch box recipes:

1. Green Gram Dal Rice + Potato:

Take the needed amount of dal, and add a small glass of water until it gets soaked. Now add turmeric powder and a few drops of ghee. Pressure cook for 3 whistles. Only the steam gets settled, take it out and smash it well with a smasher. Add salt and coriander leaves. Add it to the rice, mix them well, and it is ready to be served.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes, and put them in water. In a pan, add 2 spoons of oil and mustard seeds. Once it gets cracked, add the potatoes by filtering the water. Add two to three tablespoons of water, and close the lid. Once they are cooked for about 40% – 50%, add chilli powder and salt. Wait for 5 mins and it is ready to be served. When you need them crispy, add one more spoonful of water and roast well.

2. Chapati + Raita:

Since you already know that tomorrow is going to be a busy day, knead the batter well and keep it aside overnight. You can either use milk or hot water to the dough, to make your chapati soft and tasty. Instead of water, you can even use beetroot juice or spinach varieties to make it flavoured and healthy chapati. The next day, you can roll and put in the tawa. This will take a time of about 10 – 15 mins to make 4 to 5 chapatis.

You can make curd in your home the previous night itself. Add one spoon of curd to medium-hot milk, stir well and keep it aside. You will be able to get this card the next day.

3. Idli + Chutney:

There are times when we tend to sleep due to tiredness or a heavy workload. Never be guilty, it is okay to sleep for 30 min extra. If you have idly or dosa batter, you are saved. Put the idlis, and you can make chutney in time it gets cookies, and you can make the chutney.

For Coconut chutney, take the needed amount of coconut chunks, and add red/green chilli according to your preference. Now add salt, and ginger for taste. Adding a handful of Split dal roasted to enhance the taste. Add everything in a blender, and make the seasonings.

For seasoning, in a pan, add oil and mustard. Once it gets cracked and split up, wait until it gets roasted. Now off the stove, and add curry leaves. It is ready to be served.

4. Egg Rice + Sauce:

If you have even the previous day’s rice, it would be super easy to go with. You can use this option, only if you are in a hurry, else make sure to make a hot freshly prepared one. In a pan, add a spoonful of ghee, add 2 to 3 eggs based on the quantity of rice. Add salt and pepper/chilli powder according to your taste. Wait for them to boil, or else you will get small pieces rather than bigger chunks. Once the eggs are boiled and scrambled, you can add rice and just mix them. It is completely optional to add veggies like carrot, capsicum, or even small pieces of potato.

5. Bread Sandwich:

Always say no to white bread, no matter how hungry you are! Go for brown or multi-grain bread. 

Take two slices of bread and add hummus or freshly prepared sauce rather than store-bought ones. You can make them in batches on the weekend like tomato sauce, fruit mixes, and even hummus. Apply them on both the bread on one side and layer it with a vegetable or chicken patty. If none are available, you can use the freshly made veg mix with the available ingredients like cucumber, bell pepper or any kind of greens. Wrap them over with another piece of bread and tawa fry. It is okay if you want to add cheer or paneer cubes to the sandwich.

6. Vegetable Paniyaram:

If you have a time gap of 15 – 20 mins then this is also one healthy recipe for you to go with. Grab out the veggies from your pantry and cut them into small pieces. You can place a pan, and add some oil. Now add mustard and urad dal. Wait for them to crackle. Now add split dal, jeera, and crushed pepper. Now add onions (small cubes will work), and only they are transparent and crunchy. Then add curry leaves, and allow them to crack. Then adding ginger and garlic separately or even the paste would work. Then add veggies like small cubed carrots, green peas, cucumber, and other veggies as per your choice or taste. Then add salt, and allow it to get well cooked. 

Now add the mixture to the dosa/idli batter. Use the kuli-paniyaram stone, and your vegetable paniyaram or vegetable balls will be ready. You can give them coconut or onion chutney as one better combo.

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