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Bhawna Kumar’s session on Women Empowerment & Safety is a must-watch for all Women

Supermom Bhawna Kumar recently conducted an insightful and extremely positive session on “Women empowerment and safety” for all the super moms of Ashiana Housing.

She started her session by sharing her journey as a mother and how she made efforts to ensure that she and her children could lead happy and healthy lives amidst all the daily chores and busy work life. The other part of the session was about how women’s empowerment is essential for them to live safely and in dignity.

She talked about significant concerns regarding women’s empowerment, which is the need of the hour.

The world has much improvement to be done when it comes to women. Unfortunately, women are often left behind unless they do something themselves.

Here are some of the top points she covered in her session:

  1. Empowering all women is to support and help them, whether they are close friends or strangers.

    Women can change their destiny, but they need all the help they can get to improve their status, education and life. They need all the legal, moral and material support. They need guidance and wisdom that only other women can provide. #WomenSupportWomen
  2. Society is based on the misconception that women are less than men
    Our community needs to recognise women as being equal. We also need to learn how to initiate and develop meaningful relationships with one another. To empower oneself and other women, one must be brave enough to confront their barriers and exercise their power.
  3. Finding a mentor is important if you want to succeed
    Many women struggle to fulfil their lives because they fail to understand and be around people who can mentor them on how to take opportunities forward. Your talents are buried when you do not have the right people in your circle. For that reason, one should surround themselves with those that have gone through the same terrain as you and are willing to help.

According to Bhawna Kumar, A woman should learn from other women who come up from the challenges, make millions and give back or become a teacher to inspire, motivate and educate women in your inner circle and community about everything it takes to achieve, excel, collaborate and live an all-around wonderful life!

Supermoms community of Ashiana Anmol, Gurgaon, plans to reverse these statistics by helping women to empower themselves through evening education classes, experiential learning, leadership workshops, art and craft and more. B

Bhawna Kumar, in her session, emphasised bringing equality through the Supermom community in Ashiana. She talked about strengthening feminism.

She described women as beautiful mothers, outstanding friends, marvellous daughters, adorable sisters and the most excellent gift to men from God. 

During the session, an encouraging example of Miss Universe Harneet Kaur Sandhu was shared. Not everyone know that our Miss Universe 2022 defied all odds and won the crown even when she has celiac disease – auto-immune disorder – characterised by gluten sensitivity. When she can do this at such a young age, we must also try to overcome our problems and focus on the goals of life.

Supermom Bhawna also talked about a real-life example of women empowerment from her Ashiana Super Mom Community.

A real-life example of Neha Agarwal, founder and CEO of Digi Acai. She is a millennial mother who never gave up on her entrepreneurial dreams. She also looks after her home, works with her professional team all day long, and runs the whole organisation daily while still managing to do so easily—even while taking care of her children at times! She has created a successful SEO agency trusted by a lot of D2C brands in India.

To conclude the session, Bhawna talked about solutions that can help remove gender biases from society.

In a community where there is no discrimination between men and women, trust, acceptance and respect for each other are the keys. Shortly, it is necessary to start creating awareness among the household help.

Men can play an essential role in creating a healthy society where women will be treated equally. By empowering them, we can break the gender barrier and make our world a better place to live in. Men have an essential role in creating a healthy and happy society by supporting women in their work, raising our children and running their homes. However, the efforts will be fruitful only when we unite and create awareness among female members of society. Start by holding the hands of your friends, neighbours and colleagues and tell them.

About Ashiana SuperMoms Community

Ashiana SuperMoms Community is an initiative by Ashiana Housing across all their societies in India. The community is managed wonderfully by Ms. Sonia from Ashiana team. Some of the active and talented super moms of the community are Mrs. Veenal Jain, Mrs. Richa, Mrs. Isha Jaiswal, Mrs. Bhawna Kumar, Mrs. Preeti, Mrs. Mrs. Shalini and Mrs. Meeta to name a few.

From makeup classes to Zumba, digital marketing and other fitness activities, moms are encouraged to engage by participating in activities that interest them.

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