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Best Facebook Mom Communities in India

FB mom communities

Today’s young moms, millennials mainly, use the Internet to find answers to the questions that arise during parenthood. For example, if the baby is sick, a mom will reach out to other parents for suggestions on treating a particular illness or finding out how other people have dealt with similar problems. She might post on Facebook or Quora (a question-and-answer website) about her concerns and seek advice from experts on hand in these virtual communities. She might also form friendships with other mothers she meets online who share her interests and lifestyle. From babywearing tips to craft ideas to work-from-home opportunities, there are many things that a mom can learn online through groups and forums or blogs written by experts.

Why should one join such communities?

The internet is all about communities, people who share common interests and help each other out with tips, tricks and general advice. As a mom, you’re likely to have tons of questions and issues with your child. Facebook mommy groups are a great place to get answers and support. Thousands of these online platforms bring together mothers who share similar interests and challenges across the globe. These groups provide an avenue for new friends, but they also serve as a support system that empathizes with other parents going through similar situations. Top Facebook mommy groups/communities will play a vital role in helping you stay connected and keep yourself updated with other moms across the globe. You can ask questions, share your experiences and gain knowledge from one another while also sharing your opinions and ideas.

So, if you’re a mother who hasn’t joined any of these Facebook groups, this is your chance to get going with them now. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Facebook mommy groups that can help you in all ways. If you’ve already joined one, here are a few more for your recommendations.

Top 10 Facebook Mommy Communities

1. Parenting Mom Style

Budding Star is a welcoming online community for parents to make parenting easier. It has an initiative called “Parenting Mom Style,” which has a close group for working moms, stay-at-home moms, expecting moms and nearly every woman who needs support during their pregnancy. It’s a place for sharing the joy but equally important times of struggles and getting over them by knowing that we are not alone in this battle called pregnancy. The group won the first position for best use of Facebook group at the Orange Flower Awards 2020 by Women’s Web. In addition, the Women’s Web awarded the group first prize for best use of Facebook group at the Orange Flower Awards 2020.

2. Millennial Indian Mom (A mumma’ Group)

Earlier known as Millennial Indian Moms (A Cries And Crawls Group), the group was created on 22 Feb 2019 to help millennial mothers in India. The goal of this group is to help, support and share experiences with other millennial moms. The group changed its name to Millennial Indian Moms (A Mummas. in Group) on 16 Feb 2020. The group supports the fact that moms should be the most supportive people in one’s life, but they tend to become judgemental all too often. At Millennials Indian Moms, they know that society expects young mothers to grow up and be perfect moms, but it’s not always easy. They understand that moms have their own opinions and a different way of doing things. So, if you’re a young mom and looking for a place to be yourself and be supported by like-minded women, join them. You’ll find a home here to share your struggles and trade advice on raising children and making the most of life.

3. First Moms Club

Ruchita Dar Shah, an advertising agency art director, launched a Facebook group in October 2010. At that time, Facebook was beginning to add features for groups, and Dar seized on this opportunity. Her group quickly grew because it was one of the first of its kind. She created an online community for Millennial Indian Moms, who have always been on the move. With more time spent on social media and more online interactions, it was time that a community of like-minded moms was created to be a part of! The FMC community has grown to include more than 60,000 moms worldwide, who can connect via the group’s Facebook page and other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. MW- Mommies World (For U & Me)

MW- Mommies World (For U & Me) is a group for mothers that started in 2014. Founder Shalu RV, a feminist who has always worked for women’s empowerment, created MW to spread awareness about issues faced by mothers. The group has over 60,000 members and aims to keep growing while helping its members. The MW community is open to moms at any time of day; it doesn’t have any rules or restrictions on posts. The community also has a Whatsapp group for members to communicate.

4. Momz of India

Brinda Rana, the founder of Momz of India, aims to connect parents experiencing similar parenting challenges. The group now has over 30,000 members and connects mothers with other experienced parents. The group helps mothers share tips and strategies for parenting and provides a space to connect with other mothers. It’s an initiative that brings together experienced mothers to share the joys, challenges, and essential parenting milestones.

5. Gurgaon Moms

The Gurgaon Moms is a community of moms based in Gurgaon that aims to empower new mothers. This group provides a space for mothers to share their experiences, answer each other’s questions, and empower one another. The community provides information on nearby schools, doctors, and other essential services for new families. It also encourages members to share their creativity and skills.

6. Super Moms of India

Super Moms is a community of moms and kids from all over India. The community has grown to have over 20,000 members from all walks of life seeking advice and sharing their experiences as parents in this forum. The Super Moms Group comprises many women from Bangalore, so you’ll often find discussions about events and activities for moms in that city. This group is a haven for moms to get together and talk about anything they want without fear of anyone judging them.

7. Supamom!

We love this group because it’s fun to be a part of it. The members (like any other community) share what they value the most—their children and their well-being. In addition to being a great place for moms to discuss their children, the group also provides a forum for moms to discuss other important topics, such as health and fitness (wellness), food, finance, travel, fashion many more. They also feature experts in each area to provide advice, including senior doctors specialising in paediatrics, child psychologists, child development counsellors, fitness experts, lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, etc.

8. Baby Mum Foundation (Baby ‘N’ Mum)

Baby Mum Foundation, a network of more than 6,500 mothers, is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping Indian mothers and fathers. The group focuses on the importance of breastfeeding for six months. You might see the administrators reminding parents to breastfeed their children for six months exclusively. The organisation’s main objective is to provide support to mothers and infants. Unlike organisations that only promote institutional care, the Baby Mum Foundation also encourages the use of home remedies. This approach can only help the organisation achieve its goal of supporting mothers and infants at a plus rate.

9. Moms Cloud

The Moms Cloud, a community for moms by The Champa Tree, is where you can share funny stories and read moving pieces that bring tears to your eyes or make you laugh out loud, get advice when you have questions about your child’s behaviour, or chat with other moms who are going through what you’re going through.

10. Mommy A-Z

An exclusive community of more than 4000 parents, Mommy A to Z is one of the most popular parenting groups on Facebook. The group was founded by Shweta Talwar, Pia Desai Pasricha, and Shivalli Jaggi Bhatia. These members approve all requests to join the group. The group focuses on honest discussions about pregnancy, kids’ nutrition, and other topics related to parents and children. A must-join group for anyone looking for a tight-knit online community that offers real peer support. 


It’s important to remember that there are a lot of moms out there dealing with the same issues you do. Finding and joining mommy groups, communities, and Facebook groups can help make these times more manageable. By getting together with other moms, you can share your experiences and hopefully learn from one another. Most of all, you can be sure that you aren’t alone.

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