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Beautify Your Home with Beautiful Home Decor

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Home is a place where you spend most of your time or in today’s working world, the most comfy place which is all ours, the only place to get comfortable, to be yourself. Home vibes speak a lot. It creates a heavy impact on the persons living in it. I personally, always like to beautify my home decor because it gives a positive vibe to my home and to me too. The family also remains happy as they find anything new and beautiful. 

Due to this, I have a habit to surf home decor websites generally in my free time. Recently, while doing so, I came across World of EK. This is a collection by Ekta Kapoor. To be true, I was pretty unaware of this brand. But , once I entered the website, I was mesmerized by the collection. The best part about the brand is that it has kept in mind the importance of positivity in home decor. It is clearly visible in their designs and colours. Also, it is mentioned in the collection too. World of EK helps in spreading the Indian roots and the Indian culture. Each and every product has its significance like they use proper cotton to enrich Indian heritage, brass materials for the kitchenware ensuring health benefits and evil eye jewellery to avoid negative energy.

Attracted by several things, I finally ended up buying Maroon Enamel Print Copper Glasses and Rust Bagh Journal King Size Bedsheet Set. The delivery process is very smooth. I received my parcels within 4-5 working days . The packages were well packed.

We all know the goodness and health benefits of Copper. I generally prefer to have either 1 or 2 bottles of copper at my home. So, I purchased four copper glasses. These glasses are extremely beautiful, copper from inside and designer from outside. These are printed in a very beautiful maroon enamel colour from outside due to which I can’t resist myself buying these. Each glass measures 300 ml and costs Rs. 399/- each. So, those who are health freaks can definitely go for these.

The rust coloured bed sheet is a part of their Bagh Journal collection which is based on floral patterns giving you the feeling of a garden in your bedroom. I found the rust colour and design very attractive. I especially like the pillow covers.. The size is too good which remains the main concern with bedsheets. Fabric is pure cotton and is very soft. The cost of the bedsheet set is Rs.1499/-.

All in all, WorldofEK is a very beautiful website with a lovely and serene collection. They have lots of collections in home linen, dining and home decor consisting of bedsheet sets, table linens, curtains, vase, pottery and many more. I personally like their dining collection too much and am going to beautify my kitchen and home with the same in future.

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I am Poonam Maheshwari, mother of two lovely daughters. I always like to give reviews as it helps others to make a choice.

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