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Millennial Moms embrace the “Play Your Way” Rule

Play your way

While scrolling YouTube videos, I noticed a short video of XYXX, premium men apparel brand starring the famous batsman K.L. Rahul. The main goal of the campaign video was to demonstrate that when KL Rahul is presented with one circumstance where he should choose between the possible appropriate alternatives. However, he doesn’t succumb to the buzz surrounding him and chooses to do his way. The motive of this ad was to urge the spectator to select the “Play your way” mentality.

Millennial moms also follow the same mentality and like to do things their way. Most millennial mothers do not wish to parent their kids, in the same manner they were raised. They desire to be more engaged than the baby boomers. Following are some unique ways they prefer to choose to define the “Play your way” rule.

Don’t Follow the Traditional Household Settings

House spouse or stay-at-home-dad is not weird or out of the ordinary. Millennial moms like to share household tasks equitably. Also, for sharing childcare responsibilities and handling housekeeping, millennial moms oppose the gender barriers prevalent in previous generations.

They Live A Different Lifestyle Than Their Mothers

Despite having less time, they prefer to do a lot more than their mother did in their time. They learn and practise many things simultaneously in less time. Their mother’s priorities were likewise different from yours. They abandon past generations’ moralistic and rigorous parenting to provide a more enlightened atmosphere for children to grow up in. Millennial mothers reject the stress they were subjected to as children.

They Are Extremely Influential

Millennial mothers are decision-makers. They are more inclined than older moms to offer suggestions and guidance. Also, they identify themselves as significant mentors in their social group.

Promotes Children’s Independence

Millennial mothers promote their children’s freedom and avoid a “one-size-fits-all” parenting style. They follow multiple sources for encouragement. For instance, parenting books, social media, the Internet, and others. Millennial moms feel at ease taking a mixed approach to the practice of taking care of their children.

Millennial Moms Gives Utmost Importance to the Internet for Parenting Support

Millennial mothers spend a lot of time on social media. It plays a vital part in the lives of millennial moms from all over the world. They connect and create groups to discuss and ask for assistance on parenting difficulties. Moreover, they use Google to answer almost every query that comes to mind. That motivation extends to their lives as mothers and everything related to parenthood and families.

They Are Defined By More Than Just Their Motherhood

Millennial mothers have distinct personality features. With increased knowledge of women’s rights, several new-age moms choose to voice their preferences and desires, even managing society’s continual scrutiny. They prioritise ‘me-time,’ even if it means relying on a babysitter or asking their husbands to split childcare tasks.


Besides all these, financial freedom is a key indicator of self-assurance and personality for millennial mothers. It is one of the driving factors of pleasure for them. These scenarios make it easier to understand that millennial moms like to do things differently. Rather than following the old parenting method as their mothers did, they like to “Play their Way.”


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