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Interview with Ms. Harshita Saxena -Franchise Owner of “Little Orchids International Pre School”

Harshita Saxena

So here’s an another interview of a passionate lady – Ms Harshita Saxena. Lets know more about her and her interview will help you to understand her better

Little Orchids International Pre School is run by Mrs Harshita Saxena.
She is a passionate educationist & a budding entrepreneur. She has experience of 13 + years of in the field of education. She has achieved 3 awards in the very first year of running school.
a. Global Icon Award –
Most innovative educationist for exemplary virtual schooling
b. International Education Award –
for Best Inspiring Entrepreneur

c. International Education Award – for Best Preschool of the year 2021 for exemplary virtual schooling

Recent Awards bagged by her

a. On 14th Aug – she has been awarded by Global Triumph as Most promising & Innovative Humanitarian Educationist in Early Learning

b. On 20th Aug-
she got another award as One amongst 100
 Most Inspiring Women by India Inspirational Women Awards

Her name has been featured in many newspapers & she also has been interviewed by very renowned magazines like Success & Brandz.

She has also worked as Centre Manager/Principal of Firstcry intellitots Manikonda branch in Hyderabad.

She has done masters in commerce & Indian vocal music. Also she has done Bachelor’s of Education & Bachelors in Computer Applications. She has been working since April 2004.

Here’s the link to her school page for your reference

Apart from her achievements, she is a proud mom of two, 10 years boy & 1month old baby girl. And she feels they are her biggest strength.

Lets start with her interview now:)

Q1: Please give a brief about your great work, motive behind taking this unique work that you are doing ?

I was among the first in our country who started the first Live preschool virtual classes in the lockdown (Covid period) by curating the curriculum according to the learning level of kids.  I came up with a lot of innovations in preschool teaching methodology in virtual pre-schooling. I started this school to help those parents who lost their jobs in this time of pandemic. I had offered a very low fee structure for others with monthly payment options. In the very first year of pre-schooling, I had 51 kids at the end of the academic year and currently I am on the count of 134 and approximately 90% of admissions are through word of mouth. The count is still increasing and I am also coming up with innovative & creative ideas to improvise our learning platform.

 I was also the first one to start summer camp on 23rd March 2020 virtually when the first lockdown was initiated by the government of India on 22nd March 2020 due to Covid. This was completely free of cost and had well-structured & planned activities. I got to connect with over 800 kids with the virtual summer camp not only from India but also kids from abroad as well.

I also conducted various events & celebrations in my school – like Grand Parents Day, Farm Party, Children’s Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, Virtual Field Trip to Zoo, Little Boss, etc. along with the teacher’s felicitation program for my school teacher and associates.

 I also conducted fun assessments for kids which they enjoyed doing themselves under our virtual live vigilance. I also conducted PTM’s & informal meets with parents for creating a healthy virtual pre-schooling environment to understand and work upon the requirements of parents in the time of pandemic to create a better & comfortable system for all. 

I want to make education a fun way of learning for the kids and a great experience for the parents both virtually & physically.

In future, I am willing to come up with big educational ventures for pre-schooling kids countrywide for poor & lower-middle-class families who cannot afford high fees but are seeking quality education for their young ones. The planning for the same is in progress.

Q2: What actually prompted you to start a Pre School?

Although the start-up was to help the parents in need who lost their jobs during Covid impacted period, the thought of opening my own school emerged from my old passion and dream of opening a school where kids can experiment and learn. I always wanted to provide a place for kids to try things on their own and learn, whether it’s language or numbers.

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?

As a mom, I tried to be inspirational to my son by working with dedication & providing support to society through education. I got good opportunity to imbibe moral and ethical values in my son through my work. My son is also an inspiration to me who gave me the idea of starting a summer camp for everyone throughout the world through an online medium.

Q4: How will you balance work and family obligations? 

It is all about time – management. Initially, it may not be easy to balance both family & work, but once you show your excellence through your work to everyone, these obligations diminish. In my case, I was expecting and was having a high-risk pregnancy, but with all the support of my family, I managed my work diligently with full dedication.

Q5: How do you keep your life interesting and exciting?  

I believe that my life is very exciting, as this new initiative of opening a school got me a  lot of challenges & tough times but all these challenges kept me engaged in bringing the best out of me with a lot of patience.

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. Managing all chores of home, work, kid, husband etc. Quote some examples.

I’ll give myself a 9/10.

There was no maid through this period of covid, so all household chores were also on me. I targeted myself with time, like 2:30 hours for household chores – brooming, moping, utensils, clothes, cooking, etc, and major ones were to make my son study, spending time in fruitful & healthy discussions with all, and in planning for my upcoming activities & events. 

 Now along with the little one I need to adjust all other works according to her. 

I am very fortunate to have a lovely & supportive family who always appreciate my efforts and extend their help without even asking. 

Q7: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue? 

When I initially started my work, I used to sleep for 4 to 5 hours, and now with a new-born who is now three months old, it has reduced to 3 to 4 hrs with a lot of breaks in between. But I believe that by being a MOM (Mastering On Mind), it can be made possible. 

As of now, I am doing both, handling the school with occupancy of more than 120 kids and also my family especially my daughter who recently came into our life.

Q8: Which song /movie best describes you?

Song, “Hann yahi rasta hai tera” from the movie Lakshya.

Q9: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself as a renowned, inspiring influencer and a revolutionist in the field of education, by making adaptable, logical & fun-filled initiatives to bring positive changes in our present education system at an affordable fee structure for everyone. I wish that I get a chance to contribute to upgrading the education system and also to become a famous name amongst all senior and renowned educators.

Q10: What advice do you want to give to other moms?

Moms are always beautiful & are born to do every possible thing. Just believe in yourself & never stop working towards your dream. God himself has created moms to be masters of all.  According to me, the term mother has been derived from the following words.

 M – Multi-tasker

O – Outstanding Ocean of love

T – Talented Teacher

H – Happening Healer

E – Exceptional Eternal blessing

R – Reflection of God



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