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Interview with Rekha Subramanian – Life & Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur

Rekha Subramanian

Mrs. Rekha Subramanian is a bidirectional communicator, well versed in managing diverse portfolios. She is an entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in the financial sector. She deeply believes in making things simple as the ‘Secret of Genius’ is not Complexity, but Simplicity. Learning, for Rekha ji is a life long process so she lives by the principle ‘Sweat more in Training to Bleed less in War’.

Rekha Ji is a commerce graduate, and an expert in Financial Planning, Wealth Management & Wealth Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Counseling & Life Coaching and Selling Skills. She is a self-believer and believes training is transformation and training is a continuous journey to achieve success. Her seminars and workshops are very interactive, interesting and impart immense value to the participants.

Now, lets start with her interview and know more about her

Q1: Pls give a brief about your great work, motive behind taking this unique work that you are doing ?

Answer :- I am at present working in the area of helping people get out of anxiety, depression,fear,guilt,grief and work on their relationships. Since I come from a financial background, I along with my husband, Dr.Amit Kumar Mahto, who is a Chartered Wealth Manager, working on women empowerment through financial literacy. Till date we could touch more than 10000 lives on the same.

What motivates us is since we work very closely with our clients, we understand that even though women today are so independent and play a major role in our society. But they take a back seat when it comes to handling finance. They either depend on their spouse or father to handle the same. This is where we play a role of empowering them by educating them about how to handle their finances & how they can plan their finances, etc.

Ms Rekha Subramanian

Q2: What actually prompted you to start your own work ? 

Answer :- I have been an entrepreneur for the last 12 years and overall 20 years of experience. Since my husband  & I belong  to the same field, we thought on a long term basis we can’t keep switching our job into different co’s. Our clients insisted us to set up our own work. That’s how I got associated with Edelweiss Broking Ltd.

Then 4 years back we shifted to Mumbai as we were passionate about training. We learnt many things and got ourselves certified as trainers. My personal experience made me think about counselling & coaching. In this pandemic sitting at home I decided to gain knowledge and certified as a Counsellor, NLP Practitioner & Life Coach & Relationship coach. 

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?

Answer :- As a mom to a 10 year old boy, I have done many things differently. But one thing which made me stand differently was choosing my career. From day one I was very sure that I will never give up my career because I am a mom now. So throughout my pregnancy I worked till my 9th month without a single day off and post-delivery I started working after 45 days only. I won’t say the journey was easy. Lots of challenges, ups & downs were there all these years. But thanks to my family & husband who always stood by me and supported me fully.

Now, I share a very special relationship with my son. Although he is just 10, he is my best friend. I always share everything with him. We never hide anything from him. We always take decisions after discussing with him only. We treat and respect his feelings. 

Q4: How will you balance work and family obligations? 

Answer :- Tough, but still I manage it very well. Of course I always get full support from my husband and son. We always plan our work and take care that he is not left alone. One of us is always there with him.

Many times I need to travel without him. These days my husband manages his schedule. So everything we plan & act.

Rekha Subramanian
Rekha Subramanian

Q5: How do you keep your life interesting and exciting?  

Answer :- As I like to read books and listen to music, I do this to lift me up. Sometimes we plan a short trip, dates & outings.

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. 

Answer :- I would say 9 because I like to be punctual and try & reach and be there on time.

Q7: Managing all chores of home, work, kid, husband etc. Quote some examples..  

Answer :- As I said, I plan everything. Right from cooking to my meetings, sessions etc. E.g. If I have tight schedules in the evening, I cook my dinner early or make vegetables in the morning only and before my sessions I make rotis & keep it ready. 

Morning also I finish all my house chores by 11 am & then start working from 11 am to 1pm. Then from 1.30pm I worked again. So I take small small breaks whenever required and work till late night also sometimes.

Q8: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue? 

Answer :- When I feel a lack of sleep, I do a lot of exercise or physical activity like walking. I get myself to work hard and get tired. Sometimes I also do meditation to get deep sleep.

Q9: Which song /movie best describes you ?

Answer :- The best song suits me is “love u zindigi” From Dear Zindigi move.

Q10: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Answer :- 5 years from now I want to see myself as one of the best international coaches & counselors. I have my foundation working for many causes like opening a care house for mentally ill people & old age people. 

Q11: What advice do you want to give to other moms?

Answer :- To all Moms out there, pls believe & trust yourself. First of all love yourself & learn to respect & value your feelings. End of the day you are not here just to please & take care of everyone. Our priority is to take care of ourselves too. And never give up on anything especially your career. Do whatever possible and be empowered. This will give you lot of confidence and perspective to your life. Identify your purpose of your life and try and live that. Thank you.

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