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Interview with Meera V Barath – a wandering Dinosaur and a Passionpreneur


Another interview with another great Mompreneur.

She is an M.Sc in Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, with 15 years of work experience in the Recruitment and HR domain, with the Corporates – Datamatics, HCL, Flipkart, and Payoda Technologies.
Currently, she is working as a Trainer/Coach, Storyteller, Writer/Blogger, and an Enabler with the Institutions/Schools/ Organizations, using Neuro-linguistic Programming and Storytelling concepts as a tool. Has trained Teachers in Bangalore and Sri Lanka.
Also, you can listen to her on Google podcast, Anchor, and Spotify (Rhythm English Poetry & Magix English Storytelling show with Literoma)
She writes her thoughts on

Meera has published two books :-

1. Mayaakatha, Illusion holding reality within
2. Coffee with soul
And co-authored 12 books

This apart she has compiled an Anthology, Arising from the Dust, journeyed by 32 writers (Ranked as No.1 in Amazon Bestseller and Hot new releases)

She runs two Online communities on Facebook:

1. LetsMakeStoriesDino , An oasis, where she conducts writing events along with her battalion of DinoWriters.
2. Mayaakatha, where stories dance

She has been awarded /recognized

1. Author of the year 2019 by #NE8x® Online Literature fest for her debut book, Mayaakatha
2. Certified as One of the Top 100 debut Authors by Criticspace and Literatureslight for the year 2019 and 2020
3. Awarded as The SpiritMania Influential Women award for the year 2020
4. Awarded as Nari Samman – Woman of Substance by, Literoma 2020.
5. 2020 Finalist in the Womensweb-Orange Flower Award for Best use of Facebook groups
6. 2020-Star Dust Award by Literoma
7. Top 3 Finalist in Tamilnadu Women Achievers award and was honored as Top Nominated contestant – 2021
8. Glass Ceiling Award by Women’s League Foundation – 2021

Trained/ workshops offered

1. Trained the Teachers of Chaitanya School, Bangalore
2. International English Language Center Kandy, Sri Lanka

She writes on her timeline


And if you don’t find her anywhere, be sure that she is running with her Homosapien-Princess.

Little more
Meera, a wandering dinosaur roars her day with 20 Surya namaskarasanas and ends with 20 push-ups by her minion. In between her sanity is kept alive by the Writing and Storytelling communities: LetsMakeStoriesDino and Mayaakatha, where Stories Dance, she runs virtually. Her
99% of madness can be read in her 2- self-published books and 12 co-authored journeys. And, she blogs 1% of goodness on NLP and Storytelling/words on

Now we will know more about her in the interview

Q1: Please give a brief about your great work & motive behind the same?

I am a Passionpreneur currently into Writing, blogging, storytelling, running communities on Storytelling and Writing on SM, Podcast, Audiobooks, Enabler working with Children, Parents and Teachers using Neuro-linguistic Programming, Storytelling and Positive Psychology. I am unable to tag a motive behind this, because I enjoy doing what am doing.

Q2: What actually prompted you to start your own business?

The best gift an individual is to gift themselves a platform to create opportunities and creating our own organization or business is a give back to our learnings.

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?

That I am not different from any Mother.

Q4: How will you balance work and family obligations?

Keep doing what you do, if it is not taking anyone’s life or livelihood, then we should continue our work. This one thought is enough to drive ourselves. Because, there is No Time to think about others, situations or any obligations.

Q5: How do you keep your life interesting and exciting?

I say that, if I have come this far, then I should continue doing what I am doing.

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. Managing all chores of home, work, kid, husband etc. Quote some examples.. 

Only Time can answer this question. When I tag myself as one relationship or label, time is mountain big, but, I just take up tasks as Meera and time flies. Time will rate me 🙂

J.P Morgan says

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

And I always say that, Always Up-hold your Integrity and head high and Keep your feet Grounded, how much ever you climb up in career or in personal life.

Q7: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue?

There’s only one mechanism. Follow a routine, it’s like travelling in Mumbai sub-urban, as you follow the norm/routine, you would automatically sleep in time and wake up before Sun slaps a Hi!

Q8: Which song /movie best describes you

I was wondering which song, but there’s this Hindi song that comes.

Let me tell you that this may be close to what I am

“Gholi maar bheje ko, bheja shor kartha hain”

Q9: What qualities do you look for when you would hire a mom having a career gap?

A mom in itself is a Quality of her own, Motherhood teaches a woman to be on her own, to be an administrator handling home, relationships, children, gadgets and from ant to aunties..

Give her the job, she will take care, Don’t give her the syllabus, it wouldn’t take time for her to burn it to ashes…

(Also, not necessary that you should be a mother to handle all these, Stay Humane and Be a Human, Create and allow others to create)

Q10: What advice do you want to give to other moms?

Don’t give Advice, Give an Experience!

People love to hear experiences…


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