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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

valentines day gifts for wife

Valentine’s has been considered as a perfect occasion to express your love for your partner. And surprising them with a beautiful valentine’s gift is always a great idea. Though there are numerous options available, sometimes, it becomes harder to choose. So, to sort things out, we have presented some of the best gift ideas to surprise your wife on this valentine.

Jewelry Gifts for Wife

Jewelry is deemed to be highly promising in Indian culture. It is the pride of a woman. But lately, as time passed by it has become more of a trend and fashion statement. Today, every woman likes to have a wonderful collection of jewelry to enhance their look. Here are some ideas for the trendy jewelry gifts that you can give to your valentine.

1. Bracelets

Bracelets are quite an impressive gift that a man can give to his lady. Also, it symbolizes a knot that ties your bond. So, without giving a second thought to it, get her this lovely present and make her fall in love with your choice. 

2. Ring

The ring is a symbol of engagement and commitment. Kneeling, and putting on a ring to her finger can make her feel as exotic as she felt on her wedding day. It would make her reminisce all the flashbacks of the most special day of her life. 

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3. Necklace

No matter what, a woman is always fond of jewelry. Also, she loves to keep updating so that they don’t have to re-wear any of them. Even the hundredth piece would make her as happy as the first one. A necklace can be one of the most prominent options when it comes to choosing a gift.

4. Pendant

It is a go-to pick for every day. In a routine, women always like to keep it simple yet stylish. And pendent has become a trend these days. Be it a name pendant, gold pendant, or just an alphabet, it has become an essential accessory. So, why not give it to your valentine and let her add a spark to the look.

5. Earrings

Earrings give a classic and statement finish to your look. These are just a minimal piece of jewelry that can exaggerate your style without putting in much effort. Also, earrings are something that never goes out of style. So, investing in something like this is worth trying. It can surely make your valentine happier. 

6. Chain

 A chain is a subtle yet elegant piece of jewelry that a woman can carry in her daily routine. Especially in a country like India, wearing a chain is considered to be aesthetic. You can buy either a gold chain or an artificial one, both types never go out of style.

7. Anklets  

There is a huge variety of anklets available online, and offline. Be it artificial, gold, or statement anklets, a woman will always find them essentially necessary to add to their collection. 

8. Ear studs

 A woman’s fondness for jewelry doesn’t require any introduction. Ear studs come in such a huge collection to choose from. It will be an amazing decision to get your wife a gift as beautiful as this. 

9. Nose pin

The nose pin is considered to be an auspicious jewelry item for married women. It is available in a large variety and different styles such as nose stud, nose ring, tribal nose studs, etc. Also, you can buy the nose pin either in gold or an artificial one, both will look equally classic and elegant.

10. Gold bangles

 Exchanging the bangles that is an old custom still exists to which women are emotionally attached. Furthermore, a woman never backs out from investing their money in gold. So, isn’t it a good option for a husband to spend on something which a wife will adore in every aspect of it? Have faith you will surprise her.

11. Chokers

It wouldn’t be false to claim that chokers have emerged as a new style quotient. If your wife has modern taste, you can gift her trendy classic chokers available in the market or if she loves Indian them, you can gift some statement pieces. There are plenty of options available both offline and online and you can choose from any of them according to your convenience.

Accessories Gifts for Wife

Set of cosmetic bottle with pink rose on wooden plate
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Nowadays, accessories have become an important part of life. Its usage can not be ignored at any cost. It can be carried for its usage as well as a style statement. Here are some of the best-selected accessories gift ideas for your wife that you can go for.

12. Shades

Eye to eye conversation is just magical, give your loved one similar shades as yours and feel connected. Try it out, it’s going to be wondrous. You can pick the brand of your choice among the multiple options available out there.

13. Classic belt

 Belts are always in fashion. They can be carried in the usual way or with dresses. These days there are several alternatives to style them up. 

14. Hat

It’s something that adds magic to your overall look. As per your desire, pick one out of the numerous types of hats available and surprise your loved one. A simple yet stylish gift everyone needs.

15. Lapel pins

Get personalized Lapel pins for your wife. Let it signify your relationship and illustrate that you both complete each other. Gift it to your partner making her look more elegant with that pin hooked on her clothes. 

16. Jewelry box

It is an absolute requirement of every girl to box up all her ornaments altogether to not to lose any of them. When you give your partner something that is most required, the moment shared is priceless. It is a gift that women in your life would simply relish.

17. Spectacles/Lenses

A must-have accessory for a person with weak eye-sight. Who doesn’t want to have matching spectacles with their outfits? Get a matching pair of lenses as same as her night’s outfit and see the magic spell that follows.

18. Statement jewelry

The statement or antique jewelry is evergreen. It is obtainable in different varieties and styles. The collection might start from a basic neckpiece or hairband, earrings, chokers, and might extend to customized ornaments. It provides endless options and seamless choices.

19. Foldable backpack

These are extremely spacious and can be folded into layers such that it can fit in a pocket. A multi-purpose backpack that can either be used as a storage bag or a sheet. Gift this multi-purpose foldable backpack to your partner who is always out on an adventure.  And she will always adore you for this one.

20. Perfume

Smelling each other’s Perfume is one of the favorite to-dos for a couple. So, why not gift her a perfume of your own choice and keep gushing about it every day. So, present her a perfume as an expression of your love and affection and admire the fragrance that’s being carried along.

21. Mobile phone stand

In the “NEW NORMAL situation when meetings, lectures everything is being held online, this is the perfect tool to gift to your partner. It is ideal for streaming videos, reading, making video calls, etc. Get one in your choice and your wife will simply love it.

22. Backpack

A perfect item for students as well as working professionals. This bag is ideal for work, recreation, weekend getaways, gym, travel, casual or daily use. It is available in enormous designs, pick one according to your choice and convenience, and gift it to your partner, a usable gift she will admire the most.

23. Wrist Watch 

A wristwatch is a must-have for everybody. They are available in different styles, like band watch, bracelet watch, etc. You can select any of them at your convenience and the choice of your wife.

24. Phone case

Now, the need for a phone case doesn’t require any description. It is a savior and always protects the phone from damage. And if you’re gifting a phone case to someone, you’re undoubtedly an angel. Because we all know how much we adore our mobile phone and don’t want to harm it anyway.

25. Journal 

We all understand the importance of self-love. And there are certain times when no one is around us and we feel lonely. At that time, the journal will be a life savior and a best friend, with whom your wife can share all her secrets whenever you aren’t nearby.

26. Sling Bag

A sling bag is a perfect hack to avoid a tote bag and a clutch. They are the unbeatable go-to for casual outings when there are fewer things to carry. They look super trendy and are handy. So, this valentine helps your wife enhance her style by gifting her a stylish sling bag.

27. Clutch

There’s a huge variety of clutches available in the market and online. Women carry them often while attending a party or any special occasion. Select a sophisticated clutch for your wife and surprise her with your choice. 

Electronic Gifts for Wife


Technology has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Now, they are no more desires but have become the basic needs. We have picked up a few amazing ideas for you to choose from for your wife and make this Valentine’s day super special for her.

28. Mobile phone

All of us like to keep updating our smartphones with the latest version. These days, it has become more of a social symbol. So, this Valentine’s day why not get her a mobile phone and update her to-do list with a pinch of love.

29. Laptop

White Laptop Computer on White Table
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If your wife is working then the current situation can efficiently describe her need for a laptop. Also, be it work-from-home or in-office routine having a laptop is a must. So investing in such a useful thing is a big yes. 

30. Tablet

Nothing is better than a tablet when you don’t want to carry a laptop. It is super handy and portable. If your wife has regular work on the screen, then a tab is her current requirement. So, without any wait, fulfill her unsaid desire and let her feel blessed to have you as her life partner.

31. Airpods

Listening to music seems so soothing when there’s no disturbance. Also, pretending to listen to it is another way to avoid disturbance. And AirPods is a smart pick to get away with these situations. Therefore, get a pair of AirPods and enjoy a musical journey ahead!

32. Smartwatch

Smartwatch is such an easy-going accessory to carry. It goes well with both casual and ethnic looks. And above all this, it looks so decent and elegant. A huge range of smartwatches is available in different brands such as apple, Mi, boat, Fitbit, etc to choose from. 

33. Ipods

Is your wife fond of music? Does she like to listen and create her specific playlist? If yes, then iPods are certainly the most useful valentine’s gift for her. Then she can download her favorite songs or songs that relate to her feelings and emotions. And whenever she will listen to songs, it will remind her of you.

Makeup Gifts for Wife

This is no hidden fact that makeup is the most adorable thing for women. This is part of their daily routine. It not only makes them feel happy but raises their confidence as well. No matter wherever they go, wearing some amount of makeup is usual for most women. And there can’t be anything more perfect than gifting makeup to your wife on Valentine’s Day. So here are some top picks that you can choose from. 

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  • 34. Makeup Palette

    Almost every girl out there is a makeup lover, no matter how much they deny it! Also, they always like to invest in good quality makeup. So, lace up your girl’s beauty with the glamorous look that she admires the most! Gift her a makeup kit and wait to see her rolling you down all over again!

    35. Combos (eyeliner, kajal, etc)

There are various combos available online and in the market that is purposely designed keeping the surprise factor in mind. You can conveniently purchase it and there’s simply no need for a second thought. Because undoubtedly, ladies love surprises.

36. Makeup Kit

Investing in a good makeup kit is equally necessary for a woman as investing in makeup. It will always keep her makeup protected and make it last the longest. And gifting an item of that sort that will keep her most favorite thing maintained is a prestigious thought.

37. Makeup brushes combos

No one in the world can ever understand the pain of finding different and appropriate makeup brushes, except the ones who use them. Each of its applications is so important for a versatile glamorous look. So, this valentine why don’t you as a partner put yourself in your wife’s shoe and find her the perfect makeup brush combo. This would be the best gift and sweetest gesture of love that anyone can express.

38. Trimmer (shaving tool)

No one can deny the extreme level of pain women have to go through during waxing. Shaving is less painful. So, gift your partner a suitable trimmer and relieve her from the pain of waxing.

39. Skincare (moisturizer, creams, serums, etc)

Each one of us is extremely cautious about our skincare routine.  For that matter, we all keep hunting for the best products available out there. And isn’t it a blessing if somebody else finds them out for you, and takes care of your skin even more tan you do? This is the most grateful and fortunate feeling ever. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, seize the opportunity, and capture the moment. 

40. Bath bomb gift set (essential oils)

Massaging the body and hair is essential for glowing and healthy skin. And a combo that includes all of the required oils is a resort. You can choose any such combo according to your convenience and let the magic sparkle.

41. Facial roller

It helps in improving skin elasticity, discoloration, acne, wrinkles, saggy skin & aids in skin inflammation. According to her requirement, get your wife a facial roller, be it rose quartz, jade, or amethyst. A present that will get her rid of certain issues and add charm to her beauty.  

42. Nail Art 

Grooming and nail routine is extremely important and making them look beautiful is equally significant too. Women are truly fond of it. Buy her satisfying designs so that she can execute her nail art routine in the comfort of her home. Undoubtedly, your wife will feel blessed to have a husband like you who cares about such minute yet crucial things.  

43. Face Mask 

If your wife works all day, maybe in the office, field, or household work, then giving her serum face masks can be a stress buster. These masks will make her feel relaxed and refreshed. Meanwhile, you can give her a head or shoulder massage as a  supplement. No gift can be better than this.

Styling Gifts for Wife

Going to a party, office, or on any visit, styling the hair is an absolute essential. There are various kinds of styling machines available in the market in different brands. They are easy to use and portable. Also, using them will save time, money, and effort of going to a parlor. 

44. 3-in-1 Hair Styler

Women are fond of putting up different looks on different occasions to look stylish and glamorous. And that’s not possible without a hairstyler like this one. Because going to the parlor for these little things incurs so much expense and wastage of time. This 3-in-1 hair styler gives you a double deal of saving your wife’s efforts and your time. 

45. Hairdryer

This is such a savior when you have an outing but your hair is wet. It is no less than an angel at that instant. And if your wife doesn’t have a hairdryer in her wardrobe, then, undoubtedly you should go for it and buy her one. Your wife will never be thankful enough for this. 

46. Pressing machine

Now, a pressing machine does wonders for curly or frizzy hair and we are all aware of this. It straightens and softens the hair and makes them party-ready. 

47. Hair straightening brush

It is a simpler version of the pressing machine. It is handy, convenient, and easy to use. Also, it effortlessly straightens the hair. And this is a must-have, so don’t wait and grab one for your wife. 

48. Hair curler

It gives wavy curls and soft curls to hair. And the finished look that this machine gives is prepossessing. Your wife requires it urgently if she has recent outings, meetings, and parties to attend. Buy her a hair curler machine and fall in love with her new and fresh looks over and over again.

Clothing Gifts for Wife

No matter however clothes are there in a woman’s wardrobe, she can never get enough of them. So, this Valentine’s why don’t you as a husband take this responsibility to sort out her concerns. Although the path is full of obstacles but worth trying. Also, we have tried to reduce the burden and listed some of the options below.

49. Tracksuit

Happiness lies in the comfort. A tracksuit is one of the most comfortable and easy-going clothing essential for the cold and cozy season. So, express the warmth of your love by gifting the cutest and coziest tracksuit to your wife. 

50. Casual Cocktail Dress

A casual cocktail dress can trigger a romantic mood and set forth a special moment. A partner can gift his wife such a dress to make it up after a heated argument or on any special occasion like Valentine’s day.

51. Trench coat 

They are a perfect pick for the winter season. Brands like Zara, h&m, and Urbanic have some really good collections of trench coats. It looks trendy and protects from cold weather too. So, get the most fashionable trench coat for your wife. And watch her slay the look.

52. Saree

Someone has rightly said, “when a woman wears a saree, the world stops to admire her grace”. She looks stunning in a saree. It is the national dress of India for a reason. So, pick out the most stylish saree for your wife so that she can rock the floor with her beauty and charm.

53. Hoodies

 Women love to bang on in oversized tees or hoodies especially when gifted by their partner. By gifting her a hoodie and setting the cozy mood on winter nights, you can make her realize how important her happiness is for you. Such small acts of love can make her fall for you even more.

54. Designer wear

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Happiness is in looking gorgeous. Designer dresses add a royal touch to the wardrobe as they are unique and customizable. And who wouldn’t love to own them? So, shop designer dress for your wife and let her elegance shine brighter than a star.

55. Muffler

This small gift can turn out to be very special for a woman. She can carry this with her everywhere in ease and comfort by draping it around herself in your absence. This can be a lucky charm to her and she might take it on her professional ventures as well to always keep you in her mind.

56. Robe

This is an all-purpose dress. It can be a bathrobe, night-time dress, or even a casual comfortable dress. According to the convenience and your choice, you can buy your wife a pretty robe dress and make her feel comfy and safe around you.

Decor Gifts for Wife

Assorted Gold Plated Table Figurines
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Women are fond of the organized and illuminated place. It has been observed that they spend a lot on home decor items. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to gift a home decor object? Undoubtedly, you will never regret this. So, check out some unusual ideas related to the same.

57. Memory collage

It is an amazing option if you want to gift something that can be cherished over years. Collect some of the lovely pictures of yourself and your wife and get a collage made with them. You can anytime hang it on walls or wherever. 

58. Scrapbooks/photo album

This would be something which you can get emotionally attached to. Either get it customized or make a photo album on your own. All you have to do is, collect some pictures, arrange them, and write some short messages that relate to them. It will bring you down memory lane and you would be the happiest person after observing your wife’s reaction.

59. Greeting cards

This is the most traditional gift ever discovered that is still in trend. You can pen down your thoughts and feelings for your wife and express your love for her. This is the best way to convey that even today you feel the same way how you felt on your very first meeting.

60. Metal Candle Stand

There is a huge variety of candle stands available in the market. But the ones that are of metal frame are sturdy and give a royal look. They are perfect for mood lightening set or any home date. Your wife will be stunned by its beauty.

61. Neon LED Light Sign

Neon light signs are in trend these days. Get your wife a sign like dream, love, etc for your bedroom. They glow radiantly in the dark. It adds an extraordinary effect to the room.

62. Beating Heart wall clock

Have you ever counted your heartbeat? This beating heart wall clock has an illusionary beating heart that makes a beat every second just like it’s hand. Gift your spouse this elegant gift as a token of love and let her know that it’s only for her, because of whom your heart is beating.

63. Explosion box

It is an extended version of a greeting card. It is prepared in such a manner that at its every stage you will witness some of the other surprises. It can include short messages, petty gifts, and some pictures, which is no less than a roller coaster ride. 

64. Soft toys

It is no hidden fact that women are always fond of soft toys. You can give them either a teddy bear, panda, or a cute dog. Your partner will keep them aside forever and you can keep gushing about it lately.

65. Willow Tree Together

If you’re a mature couple and have kids then this is probably the best gift you can give to your wife. It will look like a college which is in the form of a tree and pictures are to be framed in every blank space. Fix the photographs of each of your family members.

66. Heart clip string lights

Gone are the days when you used to use clothespins to string up your favorite pictures. Go with an on-going trend. Gift your partner heart-shaped clips to magnify your future surprise decor. 

67. Sequin cushion

 Simply get a cushion that has her or both of yours’ picture frame on it. It will look amazingly lovable. Though you haven’t put in many efforts yet it would look mesmerizing.

68. Minions

Can anyone name a person who doesn’t love minions and is still surviving? No one. Because they are so cute and adorable. So amaze your wife with minions and show her that you adore her even more than anything and everything. 

Photo Frame Gifts for Wife

Photos on Wall
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Photo frames are used extensively for gifting purposes for so long. These days photo frames come in different varieties and styles that look so attractive. We have listed a few photo frames that look unique and quirky.

69. Memories in Spotlight

It is an LED-equipped frame including customized memories of your loved ones. You can surprise your wife by gifting this attractive LED photo frame. It will trip both of you down memory lane whenever you will have a look at it.  

70. Ferris Wheel Photoframe

It is the moving wheel of joy that keeps rotating the memories collated over the times and around. This is a delightful and creative photo frame. You can gift this to your wife and insert some beautiful pictures in it to make her feel special.

71. Frame the Date

This is a unique kind of photo frame made up of a wooden plaque. You can get your anniversary date inscribed on it and the design of the date will include some pictures in the collage form.  You can also get your name gravestone in the top middle as per the preference.

72. Wooden Photo Frame

This is a beautiful showpiece item that looks super cool and chic. You can get it customized either with any message inscribed on it or any photograph. You can hang it on the wall or place a desk or any organized location of your bedroom.

73. Desk Album

The idea of sorting dates on the desk album has become contemporary these days. So, to add magic to it, personalize it with memories by including pictures. It will surely bring a smile to your wife’s face whenever she will look at it and remind her of the beautiful journey with you.

74. Digital Portraits

It is an artistically designed selfie or a picture into a portrait. Choose your favourite picture together as a couple and get it designed. It looks mesmerizing. It can be hung on the wall or placed at any beautiful location of your home.

75. Memory magnets

This is a pack of cute little photo frames that includes magnets at the back. You can simply place your sweet memories inside the frame and stick them around. It can be easily available on gift stores or online gift sites.

76. Hanging photo collage

This is another type of photo collage that is available in hanging. You can find them in different patterns and sizes. A huge and unique variety is available online as well as in stores.

Personalized Gifts for Wife

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It is always better to give personalized gifts as you can add or remove things according to your discretion. Nowadays, there are numerous options available in this category. You just have to choose and share your favorite design. Here is the list of few such alternatives.

77. Personalized Wooden Tea-Tray

This is a perfect surprise for tea lovers. You can include different types of tea and coffee packs in the tray. Your wife will be mesmerized after looking at this. Also, the wooden tray can be reused in the future.

78. Personalized LED Keychain

This is a circular LED personalized keychain and an amazing gift option for Valentine’s Day. You can get it customized with any favorite picture of your wife or both of you. It has LED lighting as well which makes it more attractive. 

79. Designer nameplates

Traditional nameplates are outdated these days. Gift your partner trendy personalized designer nameplates. Then, Welcome your guests to your home in a magical way.

80. Personalized photo wall decor

This decor helps to enhance the look of your room making it feel more elegant and sophisticated. Its design and size can be personalized according to the preferences. You can include the sweetest memories of yours with your wife in the pictures and cherish them forever by gazing at them quite often. 

81. Personalized Name Keychain

This is a keychain that includes your name’s initial and the full name engraved in the initial. The graphics and alphabets are made from brass. The product looks marvelous and can be a great Valentine’s pick for your wife.

82. Name and Nostalgia

It is a unique handcrafted pinewood plaque customized with names and pictures. You can get your and your wife’s name crafted on the plaque and pictures hanging below it. 

83. Personalized 3D Lamp

It is a unique and personalized gift to delight your wife with happiness and joy. It is made up of a durable acrylic panel that takes the shape of your photo and is installed on a wooden base made of Steam Beechwood. It glows brightly at night and even the color of the lamp can also be customized.

84. Personalized bottle-shaped wooden holder

Raise your glass and toast to a gorgeous, loving bond that you simply hold so dearly in your heart. Make your partner smile more and more with this irresistible and quirky set of shot glasses. They come with a uniquely designed Bottle Shaped Wooden Holder, you’ll engrave a couple’s images and names thereon.

85. Personalized Gift hampers

This hamper can include as many things as you want to gift to your wife. You can get it customized according to your personal preference. It can also encompass a mix of messages, photographs, and some cute gifts to make the hamper look even more adorable.

86. Personalized Mason Jar

It is a great way of expressing your love and cherishing it forever. Present a beautiful mason jar as a sweet Valentine’s gift to your wife with her name and picture on it. You can also include the duo pictures. And your wife will be humbled with joy.

87. Photo-pop Box

The pop-up box includes a bundle of pictures and they will pop-up as soon as the box opens. You can get it customized according to the number and type of photos as per your preferences. Gift this to your wife to indicate your love for her which is deeper than the ocean.

88. Colorful Personalised Rotating Crystal Cube with LED

It is a rotating cube that lights up when it is plugged in. It includes a picture attached in the middle and above the cube. The rotating cube looks captivating in the dark. So, wish your wife the happiest valentine’s with this beautiful surprise.

89. Canvas

Get a personalized canvas for your wife. You can get it in any size of your choice. If you want to place it on a desk then get it size small. It can include any sketch or picture of your wife. So, go ahead and surprise your wife with this unique Valentine’s gift.

90. Mug Set

You can buy a set of 2 personalized mugs. Get a picture or quote of your choice on the mug. And twin with your wife while having a perfect blend of coffee or tea.

91. Personalized LED Bluetooth Speaker

Music guided by lights, the personalized touch-sensitive Bluetooth speaker will render you an experience worth remembering. It can be connected with an AUX cable. You can personalize it by adding any of your favorite pictures for the prettier look.

92. Personalized Glass Bottle Lamp

It is a radiant bottle lamp that glows in the dark. It can be personalized according to preference. You can get the name of the couple inscribed on the bottle with the design of your choice. This will set the mood on a date night or any other special occasion.

Footwear Gifts for Wife

Woman At Shoe Store
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Good footwear can any day exaggerate a dull or boring outfit and can add a spark to an interesting outfit. They come in a wide variety of casual, formal, and bold looks. Choose the style that suits your wife the most and walks around in style together.

93. Sneakers

 The craze of sneakers among everyone is humongous. They are comfortable, elegant, and travel friendly. It defines your style and adds a new flavor to it. So, buckle up and grab the trendiest pair of sneakers for your wife.

94. Stiletto

Stilettos are the perfect go-to with every party outfit. These days, women prefer to wear them with casuals also just to elevate their look. Gift your wife a classy pair of stilettos and let her put her best foot forward.  

95. Boots

Boots look so graceful and elegant when put on with any outfit. They can be carried with jeans, shorts, skirts, or with any dress to intensify the look. Also, they can be put on casually and formally both. Your wife will surely love to add them to her closet. 

96. Block heels

Block heels are the best alternatives for women who love to wear comfortable heels. They provide the utmost level of comfort and support. Also, they can be carried casually, formally, or occasionally.  

97. Sport Shoes

In today’s time, everyone is concerned about fitness. And so are women. They realize the importance of being fit and healthy. For that matter, it is really important to accessorize properly. So, sports shoes are a must-have for the athlete’s purpose. Also, they can be used multi purposely for casual outings as well. Thus, the importance of sports shoes can not be ignored. So, surprise your wife by gifting her sport shoes of any renowned brand on Valentine’s Day. 

98. Fluffy Slippers

Slippers are the daily essentials and required in everyday routine. It is important to have comfortable footwear to feel confident. And fluffy slippers are soft, cozy, and one of the best alternatives available among the slipper category.

Surprise Gifts for Wife

Christmas Gifts And Ornaments
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Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t love surprises? And that too from the one who you love the most. The feeling can’t be described in words. So, without wasting any time pick out any of the ideas mentioned below. And choose the best surprise gift for your wife. The information has been collated keeping little things and distinct emotions in mind. So, you can not go wrong with these.

99. Proposal Mail Box

It contains a few postcards, coupons, and chocolates. The message in the postcard can be customized according to preferences. This can prove to be a very sweet and cute valentine’s gift for your wife. It will refresh all your flashback memories in one go.

100. Hooked-with-you T-shirt

Get the same t-shirt for yourself and your wife with the quote “Hooked-with-You” on it. You can wear it on any vacation or any special occasion like Valentine’s Day. twin together and slay together.

101. Heart-Shaped LED Lights

You don’t have to skip on these if you are willing to go for a romantic set-up. These soft glowing Heart-shaped LED Lights are perfect for a lovey-dovey ambiance in your bedroom or patio. Your wife will be profoundly impressed with your choice of surprise and decor.

102. Ultimate Date Kit

Sometimes, all you would like is to line up the foremost romantic date which is each other’s presence. This Special date kit has been composed for couples who appreciate each other’s company more than the loud music and lavish dinners.
To prepare the most romantic date at home in the perfect way possible, it begins with the instruction card. It is segregated into multiple activities and how to use the ingredients in the hamper to enjoy the activity with. It includes the list of activities, along with the gifts to compliment them.

103. Pet

If your wife is fond of pets, then you must celebrate this valentine’s day by welcoming a new family member. You can bring home whichever animal and its respective breed that she loves the most. This, unquestionably, will be the best surprise for her.

104. Adventure Ride Caricature

Life is adventurous when you have someone by your side. So, to honor that journey together buy your wife a caricature of that sort. And keep gushing about the fun times you had together.

105. Valentine’s Week Crate

Celebrate 7 days of Valentine with a gift for each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. It includes messages inscribed on cushion stuff pieces. And all seven messages are kept inside a rectangle shaped wooden holder box. This is the sweetest way to surprise your valentine if she has an opinion that you are not romantic enough.

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  • 106. Vintage Coffee Grinder
    This is a classic surprise for your wife if she is a coffee lover. You can flawlessly grind the coffee seed in this grinder. And enjoy the desired sip of coffee in your supremely pounded blend.

    107. Emoji Cards
    It is a bunch of adorable and hilarious emoji cards crafted with love. Each emoji card has a short message inserted along with it. You can scribble your feelings or expressions on the white space available on the card. This is the prettiest surprise gift you can give to your wife. 
  • 108. Seven Days of Valentine
  • Valentine’s week is extremely special for every couple. And to make each day more interesting and unique buy this seven days of valentine which includes the handcrafted collection of 8 gifts and comprises a unique surprise designed especially for each day of Valentine. It can be availed easily through any online gift website or on any gift store as well.
  • 109. Valentine’s Day Article
  • Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t want to be famous and be in the newspapers (for the right reasons preferably)? So why not give your Valentine a shot at fame with a virtual newspaper cover story written entirely for them and that too the voice of your heart. Isn’t it fantasizing?

The newspaper article will be framed in a classy wooden frame so that your loved one can place it on the favorite corner of his/her home. Based on their nature, likes, and also details about why he/she is so worthy of love, the article can be themed around your special one.

110. Valentine Week Letters

For the true romantics who love the idea of celebrating hug days, promise days, and rose days as much as Valentine’s Day – here’s the perfect surprise for them. This handcrafted collection comprises 8 letters – one for each day of Valentine. Gifting these beautiful letters to your wife will intimate your unconditional love and affection towards her.

111. Astronaut USB Light

This is the most useful gift for your wife if she has so much work on the laptop. And you get disturbed with lights turned on during the night. In that case, it is a perfect grab for both of you. You just have to attach it to the USB cable and you’re good to go. It is very cute and attractive.

112. Shadow Box

The box is full of hearts inside out. And it contains a lamp bulb inside. It looks truly romantic and enthralling when lightened up. Apart from looks, the lamp is sturdy and durable too. You can choose this and overwhelm your Valentine with this beautiful gift.

113. Plush eye mask

It is an amazing buy if you enjoy going to hibernation mode. You don’t have to worry about switching off lights. Just grab it and chill out. Get a funky plush eye mask for your wife and gift her the relaxing and the most convenient power nap. It is perfectly portable and travels friendly too.

114. Fancy wine glass and ice-tray 

Couples usually love to have drinks together. Those deep conversations while having drinks are magical, spice up your moment with designer glasses. Gift your spouse a stylish wine glass and ice-tray and set-forth the mood for the night.

115. Incense burner

The use of incense is a traditional and ubiquitous practice in almost all forms of worship. There are several shaped incense burners, pick your favorite and gift it to your partner if she’s an atheist. And she wouldn’t be able to get enough of you after seeing the gift.

116. Nail Polish Holder

It is a 2-in-1 solution to hold the nail enamel and split it out through fingers when the nail enamel is on. Now, your wife doesn’t have to worry about finding a place to keep the nail enamel bottle. It is portable and handy. It will give a professional feel to your wife.

117. LED Bottle Lamp

It is a beautiful showpiece that looks stunning. It contains LED lights set inside the bar bottle along with some pictures. Gift this to your own Valentine’s customized with the pictures that describe some of your best memories as a couple. She will be amazed by its beauty.

118. Fridge Magnet

It is a beautiful fridge accessory that gives a funkier look to the fridge. You can get it customized with your pictures on the front. This will look adorable. 

119. Whiskey Decanter

If you have a bar set up at your place and your partner loves to have drinks with you, then this is probably the best gift to please her. It allows you to easily pour the drinks into your glass. Gift a whiskey decanter to your partner and let it adorn the shelves of your minibar.

120. The Enchanted Mirror

Get a greeting card that includes a mirror inside it. Add some valentine quotes and cute and short texts to make your wife feel more special. 

121. LED Name a Star

It is a package that includes a personalized certificate, the name of the person, and a constellation chart along with the location of the star. Pictures can also be included inside the frame. This LED Name a Star is specially designed uniquely to surprise loved ones. Your wife will be stunned after seeing her picture on the frame and its importance in your life.

122. 3D Moon Lamp

This is a simple yet cute gift option. It appears to glow like a moon in the night. They are available in different colors and can be customized according to the choice and preferences.

123. Bean Bag Chairs

Who does not enjoy resting on a bean bag when exhausted. Add a touch of style and comfort in your living room with a comfy and stylish bean bag chair of your choice. Gift a bean bag to the Potter head of your life and make her feel relaxed.

Simple Gift Ideas for Wife

If your wife is someone who does not find pleasure in materialistic things, then these are some gift ideas that can make her feel happy and extraordinary. This will imply your thoughtful gesture towards your wife. 

Person holding small present box with golden ribbon
Source: pexels.in

124. Chocolates

This is no hidden fact about how adorable chocolates are! No one can get over them easily, and especially women. And gifting a chocolate hamper to your wife will be no less than a treat for her which she can party with for a few days.

125. Books

If your wife loves to read then probably this is the gift that you can gift her. Buy a book or novel of her favorite genre and the author for her. She will be amazed by your efforts and will be forever grateful to have you in her life.

126. Cozy Blanket

The blankets are the savior in the winter season. And you always want them to be super soft, lightweight, and cozy. So, gift such a blanket to your partner and make her realize the warmth of the blanket and your love simultaneously.

127. Pocket dairy

A traditional method of noting down important things is still not out of fashion. Who knows when your mobile phone’s battery is gonna ditch you? So to escape from such troubles, one should always carry a pocket diary that includes all the necessary contact details, passwords. Gift this valuable item to your partner and make your efforts count.

128. Teddy canvas organizer

This multi-purpose basket helps you declutter your storage space, organize your belongings & serves as a great decor item in any room. This item can also be easily carried out on trips and outings. Gift it to your loved one who loves decluttered shelves and everything well-organized.

129. Cube mind riddle

Who doesn’t like solving the cube riddle in spare time, they are always fun. That sorted cube proffers a different level of satisfaction to the mind. Gift mind riddles game to your partner if she has an interest in it.

130. Painting

Well, this can be beautiful scenery that makes her realize the warmth of your love. You can even gift her a portrait. It may include any of her cool pictures that were clicked by you during any vacation or randomly.

131. Travel blankets or packable quilts

This light-weight, easy to carry is a must-have for frequent travelers. They can be easily folded, packed, and adjusted in your backpack on your tour. Gift the super comfy blankets to your travel-freak partner and she will always remember you whenever she will muffle it around herself.

132. Flower pots

Flower pots come in different varieties these days. You can buy the pots of her favorite color and design or the ones that match your furniture or the theme. You can also choose a theme that reminds her of a beautiful memory together.

133. Bedsheet

Personalize your bedroom with a shower of love. Choose among the wide varieties of bed sheets available at stores that signifies your relationship. Gift an unusual bedsheet to the love of your life that she’ll probably adore.

134. Selfie stick

It is an easy-to-use tool to capture moments and reminisce them all your life. Capture your #Hatchedforlife moments. Gift your wife a selfie stick and seize your special moments together on your phone.

135. Heart-shaped paper-weight

All the while during work hours when you miss each other, a heart-shaped paperweight will work best to stick around to the work and finish it off timely. It depicts that when you are off to work and away from each other, you have each other’s heart with you.

136. Comfy hot water bottle 

The best remedy to relieve menstrual cramps. This magical bag will act like a little ray of sunshine in the gloomy weather when your wife is bound to feel all down and sad. Gift your love of life a hot water bottle and she’ll thank you for your thoughtfulness.

137. Moon lamp

Gift your spouse a LED/neon light moon lamp that would signify that if you can get her a moon, you can go to any depth to make her happy. Moreover, if your partner is into astronomy and loves staring at the sky at night, she’ll love it.

138. Storage Pouches

A super magical way to make sure you never lose anything again. A great gift for all the Potterheads. It can easily store your stationary, makeup, or travel essentials. Gift your wife a spacious pouch that she’ll simply adore the most.

139. Table clock

Nowadays there are several clocks available in neon-colored led lights. If your wife has an early schedule and has issues with waking up in the morning, so you can gift her a table clock. This will not only help her sort out the schedule but will also act as a cool decor item.

140. Pen cases

To avoid the pell-mell of stationery on the table, this is the perfect stuff to store all the stationery. Pen holders also give a vintage feel to the desk be it a kid’s study table or an office table. Gift your partner a cool pen case and there’s no need to keep looking for stationery items here and there.

141. Brownie

This can probably prove to be the sweetest Valentine’s gift. Gift her a pack of brownies to signify that she is as important to you as sugar is to a brownie. And your life is incomplete without her presence.

142. Money plant terrarium with Love you tag

The leaves of money plants have numerous benefits. It is the best gift for nature lovers, and plant lovers to be more specific. And the best way to showcase your love with the love tag attached to a plant.

143. Chill Pill Bath Bombs

Now, this can make the bath time full of fun. Just sink the ball in the tub and see the magic spellbound. Gift this to your wife and get her appreciation for looking after these little things that matter for her. 

144. Cake

There’s no better way to celebrate an occasion than a cake cutting ceremony. Get a customized cake and cut it together and celebrate your bond at a beautiful location for years and life ahead. 

145. Flowers

Gifting flowers is the most captivating way to express gratitude. It is still freshening and alive. So, this valentine, bring your wife a bouquet of her favorite flowers and make her fall in love with the smell of it.

Expensive Gifts for Wife

If you want to give something to your wife which is both worthy and useful, then you can blindly trust the options listed below. They can surprise her beyond imagination. 

146. PS5 (PlayStation 5) 

If you and your wife both love playing video games then this can prove to be the best gift for both of you. Because your pair are the ones who are alike, so you can spend some quality time while playing together. And undoubtedly this will be super fun.

147. Telescope

What else can be more beautiful than the starry night sky? If you want to spend time at some quiet place then gazing at the stars from the comfort of your home is something which is both relaxing and romantic. Gift her a telescope and let the stars and the exquisite sky do the talking.

148. Car

Wives have such a busy schedule that requires them to travel to the office, pick the kids from school, buy groceries, etc. And if she uses local transport then teaching her driving and gifting a car can stupefy her. It will save much of her time and efforts.

149. Scooty

If your wife has to travel short on an irregular basis and uses public transport for the same then gifting her scooty can be a nice option. She does not have to wait for public transport anymore. And this will also save a lot of time.

150. Hanging Swings 

It is no less than a dream outdoor swing that you can hang at your favorite location of your house. Working or chilling while sitting on the swing is the most relaxing feeling ever. You can enjoy the view and just fall in love with the surroundings. It is the most pleasant gift by which you can surprise your partner.

151. Handheld Garment Steamer

It is an object that heat steams the plates of your clothes and helps them look more presentable than any usual iron. Also, it is easy to use and handy. If your wife has regular meetings or outings then this is a perfect gift for her.

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