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5 Reasons To Be ‘Flawsome’

Flawsome Moms

Because its time you embrace your flaws and be awesome!

Perfectionism. Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves to be and look perfect! While the reality is the simple idea that we are all flawed in some way or the other. Yes, let’s face it – be it a flaw in any way, form or shape; although we try very hard to deny, avoid or hide our flaws – sometimes they form a pesky part of us which finally becomes inescapable. But why do we have to hide our flaws and not own them?

We came across this term hovering the internet for the past few months now, “FLAWSOME.” A beautiful word coined by Tyra Banks, describes an individual who embraces their ‘flaws’ and knows they are ‘awesome’ regardless. We believe this word alone stands for a very important and progressive thought which pushes the understanding of self-love – it begins with the practice of learning to accept all your faults, learning to slowly accept the things that you don’t like about yourself.

We live in a world where we impose ourselves to go through a number of complexes and insecurities, where we subject ourselves to the constant feeling of insecurity. We imagine someone else to be smarter, prettier, richer, happier, better groomed, better networked, better travelled and what not. But what we fail to understand is that each and every one of us, with all our flaws and imperfections, are unique the way we are. This uniqueness is a gift and it’s aptly called being flawsome.

Self-acceptance is the key to be flawsome

For many, the concept of self-love, as well as self-acceptance, is hard to come by even on a good day. And on a bad day, when we end up making a mistake and feel absolutely miserable about it, our self-acceptance fades away and we began to focus exponentially on our flaws and how they landed us in such a mess. Fortunately, self-acceptance is something we can nurture, something that can help us look beyond our bouts of loathing.

Acceptance of our flaws, understanding them, building upon them and celebrating them – this is all it takes to be Flawsome.

Be A Proud Flawsome MOM

Motherhood is not everything that you were told to expect, it’s way more than what’s on the plate and you don’t necessarily need to have everything sorted. It’s okay to be a mom with wet hair and frazzled nerves, continuously struggling to provide the best for your child while also going through the day-to-day chores, and even work in some cases. There’s no shame in loving your child fiercely and deeply but also craving for a peaceful bedtime, just as much. It won’t make you less of a mum – rather it’s about owning your life and not being ashamed of your flaws.

Parenthood needs some hard work and sometimes we can all get it wrong – but you need lean toward fellow mums who admit that they find the whole process of bringing up their children to be tough but do not think that it’s a character flaw. Because honestly, it isn’t.

5 Reasons To Be Flawsome

While Flawsome has become the new awesome, and you’re already learning to accept your flaws, it’s time that you phase out peoples judgements and opinions towards you. Start by embracing the fact that you’re human and you’re still learning with time. By accepting your flaws, you allow a new wave positivity in your life.

Why is it important to embrace your flaws? Let’s give you some reasons:

1. You resonate your own authenticity- your own self.

Life will become much more fun if you develop the heart to just go for it and embrace yourself exactly the way you are. Hey, you won’t be any less of a mum if you get yourself a brand new manicure but still happen to find a baby wipe in three seconds.

2. Being Flawsome doesn’t idealize any superficial identity –

you don’t have to look, dress or carry yourself in a certain way. It doesn’t push you to have a lean body, cinched waistline or a peach-like booty, and in no ways does it promotes a gym addict lifestyle.

Flawsome means being happy with the way you look, the way you are with all your peculiarities. The perception of a perfect body doesn’t have to scare you anymore, you are just born in the right time with the right personality.

You don’t have to wet your confidence with all the extra pregnancy weight, the goal should be to maintain a healthy body and you can get into good shape in your own sweet time.

3. It’s liberating and lightens you up.

The moment you accept your flaws as a part of you, they make you unique and beautiful. Just pack yourself with some good intentions, a golden heart and compassion of them all.

4. You are no longer deterred by the judgemental eyes of others and start opening up to the imperfections of others.

When you tie your self-worth with external validation, you become vulnerable to the exploits of others. It then leads to a situation where you tend to forget that self- acceptance is all about becoming your own best friend – you are all the validation you need. You don’t have to suffice with the set standards of the society and how they bring up their children, you are allowed to set new rules and be the best version of yourself.

5. You become healthier.

Instead of continuously chasing a facade of unattainable perfection in all aspects of your life and demeaning yourself, you learn to take a moment for yourself and realise the beauty of all your imperfections. It makes you happier on the inside, thus making you healthier.

There is a kind of natural beauty in all your flaws, just be Flawsome and you will build a more satisfying life for yourself and your kid. After all, we all need some breathing space to bring out the best of us.

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