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#CoronaWarrior Meet Dipti Gupta – A Data Analyst in Govt Hospital who maintains Corona Patients Data

In our #CoronaWarrior series, we are so proud to feature a wonderful mom of two kids and a data analyst Dipti Gupta.

Dipti Gupta is currently working as Data Analyst and maintaining Corona Patients data in KCGMC, Karnal.

Her job requires her to be in the hospital everyday and collect the data, feed in MIS so it can be shared with media and other important sources.

I couldn’t manage to talk to her as her days are pretty hectic but Dipti’s sister-in-law Rashi shared the information about her routine and how she is managing everything.

As a data analyst in hospital, though she is not in direct contact of patients and thus allowed to go home everyday, yet she has to ensure social distancing from her family members every day.

According to Rashi, Dipti does duty for a week, followed by checkups and self-isolation for 14-days. This is a regular cycle.

She has to wear a PPE kit for 12 hours straight which means she can’t drink even water, can’t eat anything and can’t even use the washroom. PPE Kits are expensive and these are supposed to be taken off only after the shift is over. Besides taking it off increases the risk of contracting the virus. Hence they have to wear it for one full shift.

Dipti’s message for all of us is to stay at home. Because this is the only thing that’s going to help.

I am sure this is the least we can do for warriors like dipti who are risking their health and personal lives only to ensure our safety.

We salute you, Dipti.. 🙂

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