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Importance of GK Worksheets for Kids

gk worksheets

Before trying to determine the benefits of a worksheet, let us take a moment to understand what a worksheet means. A worksheet is a paper listing questions or tasks for students. These worksheets usually contain information about a particular topic followed by questions and activities like crossword puzzles and word search on the same topic.

The benefits of worksheets can be listed as follows:

  1. The format of a worksheet is easy to understand – These worksheets have detailed information that has been summarised into key points and has all the essential knowledge about a topic that a student needs to know. It breaks away from the conventional format of lessons given in books that usually contain a lot of unnecessary information that is often quite taxing on a kid to read.
  2. It caters to the idea that kids have a short attention span – Usually kids do not like sitting at one place for hours reading about a particular topic. This problem is solved using a worksheet where a student can just focus for 30 minutes, read about the subject, answer some simple questions and solve interesting puzzles to develop a thorough understanding about the topic.
  3. These worksheets are usually designed for a particular age bracket which provides students with a chance to either develop on the knowledge gained in schools or learn about something new that a student of their age can easily understand.
  4. Interactive Gk worksheets make the mundane task to read about history fun and convenient. It consists of puzzles and interesting facts that one cannot find in textbooks.
  5. Worksheets can be seen as a great way to enhance a student’s imagination and intellect as it contains knowledge that is curated in a creative and interactive manner.
  6. Worksheets are a great way to keep children busy specially during long breaks like summer vacations when laziness often sets in. It ensures that a student is continuously learning something new and increasing their knowledge.


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