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Here is how creatively our Community Mummas are spending time in lockdown .. #Quarantine #QualityTime

India is under lockdown due to Coronavirus. And we have to stay in our homes atleast till 3rd of May. But I think amidst all the chaos we have figured ways to utilize our energies and time creatively.

Open whatsapp statuses, instagram or facebook stories, you will see someone uploaded a highly entertaining tiktok video, while some are busy in cooking new dishes. Art and crafts is also a great way to bond with kids and spend time creatively.

Let’s show you some interesting pictures of how our Facebook group mummas are spending their time during lockdown:

Arts & Crafts during Lockdown in India

Anshu Bansal – She loves to doodle in her free time and in this click she is busy in making Zentangle doodle art. I follow her statuses on whatsapp and she is a great doodle artist. 🙂
Her studio name is “Mom’s Krafty Witty“.

Anshu – Mommy, Artist & Mompreneur
Deepti posted her canvas painting in the group and mummas started praising her beautiful piece of art
Vaishali Gala, a mommy and a wonderful artist who drew beautiful Ganesha
Aashu made good use of Indigo Powder aka Henna.. this is so beautiful.. 🙂

Hair Cut – Quarantine Got Talent :p

Our super cool mommy Swati Malik decided to do a haircut of their kids. And we are loving it 😉


Last, but not the least, here is how mummas are making good use of whatever ingredients are available and making some mouth-watering dishes. Only lockdown could make this possible. Otherwise we would have ordered from Swiggy.

My friend Megha, I am so proud of you. You actually baked a cake at home.. Woohahaha. superb!
Shahi Tukda
Good job done Nidhi 🙂
Good thing is you are cooking with available resources and even with leftovers. It’s important to understand the current situation and sustain in bare minimum.
Ranjana Narula made this yumilicious cake with minimum ingredients. You can checkout her recipe in next picture
Ranjana’s cake recipe 🙂

Creative – Not so creative :p

Mopping the floor requires no creativity.. But are you judging me :p


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