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Body Polishing

Body Polishing


What is meant by a body polishing treatment?

Body polishing is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin of the entire body, thus leaving it smooth & soft from top to toe. This stimulating body treatment is a primary remedy for achieving glowing skin. It is similar to a facial and is best taken at a spa, where a scrub-like product such as sugar, salt, rice bran, or coffee grounds is mixed with massage oil or essential oils. Sometimes, a body polish is followed by a massage to calm down the body. A professional service of a body polish most certainly helps improve the blood flow, thus re-energizing the entire body. This treatment prepares the body before spraying or applying any body-tanning product. It also prepares the skin to easily absorb topical creams by removing dead cells, dirt and oil built up on the upper layer of the skin, which hinder the positive effects of such creams.

It is believed by some supporters of alternative healing that a body polish has several therapeutic benefits as well. The time during the procedure of body massage (which follows the procedure of body polish) relaxes the mind by providing rare time to reflect.

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When Do You Need Body Polishing?

  • Uneven Tan – Body polishing is effective mainly on the concealed parts of the body such as the back, the stomach and the thighs. So if you have picked up an uneven tan from a visit to a beach, you can take a body polishing treatment to remove this tan.
  • Back Acne Marks – Body polishing works amazingly on back acne marks or blemishes by removing them completely! Back acne in itself is a painful problem, and it often leaves behind marks on your back even after it heals.
  • Wedding – Needless to explain why, your entire body needs to be equally radiant before and after your wedding. Body polishing treatment is a part of almost every bridal package because most women have a body with patchy skin, blemishes and uneven complexion.
  • Cut-out Dresses/Blouses – Since a body polishing treatment lightens the concealed parts of your body, it is a must to take, if you are planning to wear cut-out dresses or backless blouses, thus ensuring an even complexion.
  • After Chicken Pox – It is a good idea to take a body polishing treatment after recovering from a severely infectious disease like chicken pox, which invariably leaves marks on your body and also darkens its complexion.
  • Sudden Weight Loss – Gaining weight makes your skin stretch and look fair. On the other hand, sudden weight loss makes your skin darken and sag. So if you have recently lost some weight, it is advisable to restore your body’s lost radiance by getting it polished.
  • After Pregnancy – Women experience stress and trauma after childbirth. Hence it might be a good idea to take a body polishing treatment in your postnatal phase.


Detailed Procedure of Body Polishing

  • A body polish typically is provided in a wet room, which includes a tile floor and a drain.
  • The client, covered with a towel, a sheet or a thin piece of plastic, needs to lie face-down on the massage desk
  • The procedure begins with light rubbing of the exfoliate on the client’s back, the backs of the arms, and the backs of the legs and feet. Only the body part that the therapist is working on is uncovered.
  • Then the opposite side of the body is rubbed with the exfoliate.
  • Once the rubbing process is over, the client needs to step into a shower in order to wash off thoroughly the abrasive material from the body. It is advisable not to use shower gel, in order to retain the aromatic scent on the skin.
  • In case the body polishing treatment is done on a special damp table, then the therapist would help the client wash off the abrasive products by using a hand-held shower, or a Vichy shower.
  • The shower is followed by a mild application of body lotion or cream on the client’s body.


Most Popular Types of Body Polishing Treatments

  • Himalayan salt rub – This type of body polishing treatment uses rock crystal which is the purest salt on earth. Rock crystal restores and balances the naturally present essential minerals in the skin.
  • Nourishing body glow (polish) – This is a body polish which uses oils like Aloe Vera and Jojoba. Such oils are gentle yet effective scrubs. A nourishing body polish treatment is suitable for sensitive to oily skin.
  • Brightening body polish – Designed to remove tired skin cells from head to toe, ground pumice stone and citrus oils are commonly used in a brightening body polish treatment.
  • Tan-optimizing body polish – This type of body polish treatment prepares the skin for the application of false tan. The skin-smoothing and dead cell-removing effects of a tan-optimizing body polish treatment prevent the false tan from appearing patchy, post-application.
  • Anti-cellulite body polish – Coffee is used in this treatment as coffee helps stimulate blood circulation and gives problem areas an improved appearance. Anti-cellulite body polish helps redistribute and reduce the development of fat cells.


Body Polishing aftercare

In order to keep your skin smooth and glowing after a body polishing treatment, these are some aftercare tips:

  • Leave your skin free: In order to let your skin absorb all the benefits of the body polishing treatment, do not try to do anything more on your skin just after the treatment.
  • Watch for any undesirable side-effects of the treatment as chemicals can affect your skin easily after the exfoliation. To be on the safer side, it is recommended to use natural products for the exfoliation process.
  • It is essential that you exfoliate your skin again some days after the body polishing treatment so that your skin remains fresh and glowing.
  • Stay out of the sun: Exfoliated skin becomes prone to sunburns from the strong UV rays. Hence, make it a point to avoid exposure to direct sunlight just after taking a body polishing treatment. If this is not possible due to some reasons, then you must use a sunscreen in order to protect your skin from direct sunlight. Repeat the sunscreen applications many times in order to maintain the effect of protection.
  • Avoid using strong cosmetics after a body polishing treatment, as such a usage might result in undesired side-effects because of the chemicals present in the strong cosmetics.
  • Avoid using hard soaps after undergoing a body polishing treatment as such soaps tend to make the skin dry and take away the moistening effect of the body polishing.


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