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5 Reasons Why Millennial Moms Deserve a Pat on Their Back

If you are reading this blog you are probably an expectant mother, a single one or maybe just someone whose friend is a yummy mummy. The zeitgeist of the millennial spirit may seem compellingly stereotypical however it rings very true of the generation’s mothers.

Fiercely loyal to affording nothing but the best to their loved ones, financially sound or work in progress towards building a safety net for themselves and their loved ones, multi-tasking geniuses, and the ability to wipe their tears off  themselves in case of lack of a reliable support system.

Inadvertent setbacks both major and minor may rattle her up for a bit, however, vodka shot and a bawling episode with her best friend later she is sorted enough to hit some sixes and boundaries. Grab a coffee and lend an ear to a mom who has been through some serious shit in life and yet sits their gracefully running a hand through her babies’ wisps of blond hair affectionately.

Many heartwarming repertoires and incidences of the epiphanies of motherhood will surely emerge. So what is it exactly that sets apart the moms born between 1978 and 1994 from those of the earlier generations? Is it their ability to garner a resounding applause juggling work, family and the pressures of raising a child? Or is it the equal involvement of a hands-on daddy? Ladies and gentlemen, it is a different ball game altogether with the cost of raising a child has gone up an astounding 18% in the current era from a mere 2% in 1960! If you are a millennial mom or know someone who is rocking the show with aplomb go pat yourself or her on the back because she is a/an,

  1. A Multi-tasker who knows her priorities

This woman can deal with rhetorical drama surrounding her work or familial pressures which in the Indian scenario runs the risk of multiplying manifold owing to the continued existence of joint family setups. Because in the heart of hearts she knows she is doing fine when her little one wraps his tiny fist around her little finger and looks at her with unadulterated love and adoration.

  1. A Woman with nerves of steel and a heart of gold

Parenting a newborn is no piece of cake for a first-time mother; imagine having one with special needs… Your child carries a piece of your heart long after he/she has grown and flown the nest. Manju Rawat a Business Analyst settled in Hong Kong and raising a child with special needs, says, “It takes an immense amount of courage not to give up on your child when their pace of learning and development is not in sync with those of a similar age group and to give them the space to fall, learn and grow at their own chartered pace. Ultimately, it is not a race, each life is a life lived well if nurtured with love & compassion.” She signs off.

  1. A Financial pillar of strength for self and family

Gone are the days when a single income could suffice for families of four, people barely manage to make ends meet even in double-income families nowadays. With the average age of first-time motherhood witnessing steady rise for decades (from 22.7 in 1980 to 26 years in 2013, according to Centers for Disease Control), education levels have witnessed a proportional rise resulting in a culmination of highly skilled, well-paying jobs.

  1. A Partner to an equally involved father

The role of hands-on millennial father cannot be overlooked in each and every aspect of child-rearing. Whether it is changing diapers, bathing the little one, to feeding and burping them, the new age dads are well aware of their responsibilities and are willing to share the load. 

  1. An Emotionally intelligent woman

who may occasionally lose her marbles in the whole process of raising her munchkin, yet gets back in the game even if it is about being thrown back to square one.

 Aditi Korde, a banker who is an embodiment of a millennial mom, sums it up poignantly, “From bringing a life into this world to watching them develop their own identities, from surviving bouts of morning sickness to meeting deadlines at work, from looking flawless to sporting those scars, she does it all with élan & panache…”

Pic Credits: Mommy Jahanvi & son Arjun

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