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Things to add to your cart before delivery

Waiting for the “THE” day to arrive can be a game of lot of patience.Your desire to see your little one, increases proportionately with your growing baby bump.

It seems,the best way to divert your mind from this though has been to     “SHOP” for most of the couples. In my case, I remember buying new born baby clothes almost every weekend, to get that perfect one set of clothes   that I wanted my baby to wear in the OT just after delivery.
I bought pink and the same night dreamt of having a baby boy so bought blue and then got confused so bought a few neutral colours. By the time I delivered I had 10-12 pairs to choose from.
This is natural.This is your heart’s way of showing the excitement for the arrival of your little one.
Along with all such impulsive buying, what is necessary is some planning  and buying some necessary stuff .Many people believe, that it’s not good  to purchase things before your baby is born as it is supposed to get bad     luck.I would say, it doesn’t hold good in any way. Please remember you   will not be the same person once you deliver.You wont be physically fit,    atleast for some days to go out and shop,also,you will have a tiny baby to  look after all the time.You will neither have time nor energy to shop and  this will lead to frustration.
If you want to settle with your newborn smoothly ,plan accordingly and make a list of the things you  might need.Make a separate list of items to  be carried to the hospital (generally hospitals give you this list)and also   prepare a list of items you will need at home after discharge.Make sure    you have all the items ready before delivery.
When anyone asks about your pregnancy or post delivery experience,     you should have a smile on your face and glee in your eyes with happy    and enriching stories to tell.Lets not make this magical phase sound like   the most horrifying experience of our lives ,just because we lacked some planning and vision.
Few points to remember:
1.Be aware-There is so much of access to information these days, make    use of it.Connect with other experienced moms or moms to be, discuss     your issues and learn from theirs.
2.Online shopping-Make us of online shopping sites.Don’t be prejudiced  that about these sites and products.Buy from a reputed site,you will save lot of effort and time with all your stuff at your can even subscribe to things which you need regularly so that you don’t have to place orders every time.You also get goods discounts if you subscribe.

Few important things to add to your cart before delivery:

1.Breast Pump-Breast feeding is given a lot of importance globally but in India it is still something which is not discussed openly.It is strange that you are expected to breast feed your child but are looked down if you talk about it with your family members.In many families if you will talk about using a breast pump they will look at you as if you are an alien and know nothing.

It’s high time we understand the importance and advantage of things available around us and make use of them rather than cribbing about everything.

Breast feeding is a magical way to bond with your little one but at the same time it can be quite painful and exhaustive.With so much going around inside and around you after delivery you must look for every little thing that will give you a little relief.

Breast pump is an extremely easy to use device.You can use it to express out extra milk that you produce and store it which can be used to feed the baby later.

Initially when you are new to feeding you will realise that one day back you had no milk and suddenly you are full of milk.You will find that your breasts are engorged and hard with too much of milk and you don’t know  how to remove it.Your baby is too tiny and can’t latch properly even if, he does latch, he can have very little of it at one go compared to what you are producing

This may create lumps in the breast which can be a serious issue.Sometimes the nurses will have to express your milk manually by squeezing your breast which is extremely painful and no one wants to experience that.

To avoid all this using a breast pump is a simple and painless solution.There are two types of pumps available electric and manual you can choose as per your preference.Read how to use it before delivery .Also explain your husband about the same so that he can help you assemble it when you need it in the hospital.

Natural baby sucking is very important to trigger the milk supply in your body and hence breast pump is not a substitute for that,pump is to be used after feeding your baby when you feel your breast is still full.

Eventually when the baby grows you can decide how much to use the pump depending upon how much milk you are producing and how much your baby is accepting if you give your stored milk to him/her through feeding bottles.

you can store the expressed milk in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours and give it to your baby after getting it to the room temperature.If you are planning to rejoin your work after a few months you can start storing your extra milk(by freezing it in plastic bags available for freezing breast milk) and use it when you are away from your child.This is allow your baby to have your breast milk for  along time even after you start working and also it will gradually make him used to having milk through bottles.(we will discuss use of feeding bottles in other chapter)

2.Kettle-Buy a water heating kettle which can be used to boil the water if you have to give top feed to your baby .Avoid using traditional methods of boiling the water in kitchen especially if you stay in a nuclear family and don’t have help because it will just add up to your task .You can easily boil your water in the kettle without going anywhere, in the comfort of  your room.It will take not more than 2-3 minutes to do it in kettle.Keep the boiled water in a thermos if you want it keep it warm and use it as and when required.

3.Sterilizer-Buy a good quality sterilizer.Many good ones are available in the market.You can order online as per your requirement.You can sterilize everything from feeding bottles,breast pump,baby-teethers ,toys,spoons,bowls etc.It will save a lot of time and energy not only now but also when the baby grows and puts everything in his/her mouth. That time you have to keep everything clean and using a sterilizer will prove to be a boon.

I think it’s time to change the thought process that you are a good mother only if you sacrifice things for your child or face pain or inconvenience

we should stop deciding the calibre of a mother based on the pain and problems she has gone through in delivery or raising her child..we should encourage the use of products and technology available to minimize our trouble and efforts.

I am sure old ladies who narrate their painful and horrifying stories and try  to take away the lime light in family gatherings  had to go through all that because there were no such options available during that time,had there been things at their disposal ,they would have used them too.

So don’t feel guilty of making things easy for your self.It’s always better to be a smart mother and enjoy this phase rather than being a mother who gets stuck with age old thoughts and cribs about how bad it was all her life.  

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