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Rediscover Your Style: Luxury Bags, Delicate Glass Planters, and Contemporary Table Mats from Nestasia

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As I embarked on the quest to refurbish my workspace, little did I know that I was about to stumble upon the most enchanting platform out there, Nestasia! I was looking for a colourful desk mat to give a little vibrant-vibe to my work desk, but amazed with their collection, I ended up adding to my cart and buying a hanging glass planter and a travel backpack too! And I am really excited to unveil the details of this haul with you. 


I always try to make my workspace more inviting and personalised. Thanks to Nestasia, a made-in-India lifestyle brand, I was able to find just the perfect desk mat. This yellow desk mat immediately brightens my desk and fills space around with energy to start my day. It is made from multipurpose vegan leather. My environment conscious self was so happy that I could make a green choice without making a hole in my pocket.

Next, I bought this minimalistic and chic hanging glass planter. I was looking for something to add to my walls without crowding the room, and my heart was set on this planter, the moment I saw it. I bought the black one, it is also available in gold. Along with adding some much-needed greenery inside my room, this planter adds character to the wall. Plus, it is around 20-22 cms, so you can place it on a door, in a corner, or above your desk as well. Additionally, it can be a great gift option for your friends. 

The last, and my favourite purchase was this travel backpack for laptop. This was something I didn’t even know I needed until I had it. Firstly, it is made from vegan leather and it looks gorgeous! It looks so stylish, you can carry it anywhere and it is functional too. It has a lot of compartments, unlike any regular laptop bag, which is very useful for me. Being a working mom, I always need space to carry my kid’s stuff and carrying a separate tote bag for that, along with a laptop bag used to be very hectic for me. Finally, this backpack is going to make my travel so much easier and convenient.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience with Nestasia and I would recommend everyone to check out their platform. They have alluring and exquisite products, from kitchenware, bar essentials to home decor, bags, and luxury mirrors. If you are looking for birthday gifts or housewarming gifts for your loved ones, you should check out their super affordable range of wall art, planters, and mugs that can win anyone’s heart. 

All in all, it was a marvellous experience. Nestasia, I am definitely coming back for more! 

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