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25 Things About Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding & Taking Care Of The Baby

Motherhood should be a joyful experience for everyone and I think it’s important that you feel positive and happy throughout your journey.

So here are a few things I am sharing from my experience as new mom.. Hope this makes you feel better:

About Pregnancy:

  1. If you are planning a baby, don’t bother much about the timing of your baby. All the months, seasons and years are good. And it’s futile to spend time stressing about it. Most people take months to conceive once they decide that they want a baby.
  2. While choosing your hospital for delivery, focus on choosing right facilities and also an experienced gynaecologist. Proximity should also be a factor to consider.
  3. Take rest. Have naps. Once the baby is born, you may or may not get a chance to have frequent nap times. At the same time, walk as much as you can (if doctor says everything is normal).
  4. If you are a working mother, don’t stop or take a break from work until and unless doctor suggests due to any complication. Also, if possible, be prepared with alternative career options after delivery.
  5. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you are ill. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon so remain positive. Follow your daily schedule as much as you can.  
  6. Talk to your baby in the womb everyday. It helps. Trust me. Being a mother who started going to office within 3 months of delivery, I have a feeling that talking to him when he was in my womb helped him understand me and my aspirations soon.
  7. Baby bump is such a cute thing. Though in India, people suggests you to hide it by wearing loose clothes. I suggest wear clothes that fit your pregnant body well. If you can afford, don’t hesitate in buying some maternity clothes or else buy tank tops to wear with loose shirts, kurtis and maxi dresses. Enjoy your pregnancy phase. And if you are pregnant for the first time, you have to enjoy this thoroughly.
  8. Ask your husband to give you a massage every now and then. This will relieve you and also will keep him involved in this journey. Remember this is his baby too. His bond with the baby will also be developed as father when the baby is in the womb.
  9. Enjoy the glow, the beautiful skin. You never know post pregnancy how your hormones plays. Keep your hair open when you can. After pregnancy you are surely going to lose a good amount of them.
A picture clicked during Neha’s Maternity photoshoot

Birth & Delivery

  1. Prepare yourself of Normal Delivery but be ready for a C-Section too. I always knew I was going to have a normal delivery because I chose Delhi’s best hospital with 88% Normal delivery rate, I was extremely active till the end. I walked for one hour a day without miss, worked in the office, did yoga, attended clients’ meetings till 37th week, tolerated initial labour pains at home for 5 hours and remained in labor for 15 hours, only to have a c-section at the end. And trust me, C-Section wasn’t bad either. Remember the objective is to deliver a healthy baby.
  2. Labor is hard work. But you will realize how much strength God has given you. You can totally nail it. Trust me. Women have that strength.
  3. Take your husband inside labor and delivery room. No one can support you more than him when you are facing labor contractions.
  4. Whether you deliver a boy or a girl, no one has the right to comment on it.
  5. If you deliver by C-Section, take time to heal. Take help from whoever is offering it. Your body needs that rest.
  6. Let people tell you not to make your baby sleep on your chest because he will get used to of it. But who cares. Let her sleep on your chest, tummy or wherever she feels comfortable. Because she is not going to be this small again. And this is not going to last forever.
  7. Click a lot of pictures. Be there with your baby in her pictures. Don’t shy away with the weak face, dark circles or a body that is still healing. Because once you survive this, you will love to see how you managed your early motherhood days like a boss.


  1. Breastfeeding is one of the sweetest thing you will remember in future and also the most annoying thing that you will feel now as a new mom.
  2. Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts that you can give to your baby.

Taking Care Of The Baby

  1. In India, there is a belief to make baby wear old clothes in the hospital. The logic behind the tradition is that the baby’s skin is very sensitive and new cloth can cause allergies. So if you really want to buy new clothes for your new-born, wash them in dettol before the new-born wears them.
  2. While breastfeeding is important, introduce bottles to your baby after a couple of months.
  3. Sometimes baby cries and you don’t know why. I am talking about she is not hungry, no wet diaper, not sleepy type of crying. It’s Ok. Try your best to calm him down and she will gradually calm down. Remember baby’s language is crying. There is no other way she can express herself.
  4. You will spend a lot of time making her look cute. You will be bothered about her dressing, her hygiene etc. Give a little time to yourself too. Brush your hair when you can.
  5. Different babies have different milestones at different times. Try not to compare.
  6. It’s so cute to look your husband behaving like a dad. Cherish that. And let him know.
  7. You are doing a great job. Don’t compare yourself and your baby with anyone. Both of you are unique. Just ensure to share a good bond with your baby.


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