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Perfection lies in your imperfections, Mama!

Perfection is addictive. And when it comes to being a mother; you want to be nothing less than best mother, a perfect mother. On top of this we live in a society where a lot of women are not supportive to other women. They judge, they advise, they are being rude, they try to be superior. 

Probably this is the reason that on Google, “how to be a perfect mother” is a highly searched query in India.
When my research brought me to this query, I started wondering how does a perfect mother look like? How does she spend her day? What special care does she give to her babies? 

Who is a perfect mother?

In an ideal world, a perfect mom’s house is all spick and span. She exclusively breastfeeds for six months. She makes her schedule according to her baby’s schedule. If she was working earlier, she goes on a sabbatical to ensure she is giving enough time to her baby. She ensures no use of diapers and a lot of nappy time for the baby. In fact she does a lot more things to be a perfect mother. 

But is this all worth. Does this really make someone a perfect mother? 

I don’t know. I don’t have the answer for this. All I know is, no one can do a little percentage of what you are doing for your baby. So hang in there. Be strong and be logical. 
Introducing bottle in first couple of months isn’t going to make a lot of difference in your baby’s life. But it can help you take longer nap which is crucial to heal your body post delivery. Using diapers isn’t making you less perfect mother. Diapers are introduced for a reason. Babies wear them all the time in foreign countries. Then what is the problem if you also make your baby wear diapers and changing them frequently. 

I am making mistakes, I don’t think I am a perfect mother.

You were not a born mother. It’s a new journey. Having a baby is like starting a new project from scratch. Mistakes are bound to happen. Just love your baby whole-heartedly. That’s good enough.

Perfection lies in your imperfections mama.. 

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